No Man’s Sky Halloween Update Adds Worms You Can Ride

Hel­lo Games has announced a new Hal­loween event for No Man’s Sky named Expe­di­tion Four: Emer­gence. The sea­son­al event, which starts today, brings a new narrative–the first the game mode has ever had–as well as sev­er­al game­play fea­tures and enhancements.

In Expe­di­tion Four: Emer­gence, play­ers are strand­ed on a plan­et called Wasan, which has been “rav­aged by dust storms” and “infest­ed with Titan Worms.” Play­ers must locate the Titan Worm impact sites, destroy­ing Hun­ger­ing Ten­drils, and col­lect­ing Vile Spawn. Remov­ing the “cursed dust” and sand­worms from the plan­et will even­tu­al­ly reveal the dark nar­ra­tive to the play­er, as well as unlock exclu­sive rewards throughout.

This update also brings an assort­ment of new game­play fea­tures, includ­ing a var­ied col­lec­tion of sand­worms that play­ers will come across, along with revamped partivle effects for mete­ors, explo­sions, muz­zle flash­es, bur­row­ing fau­na dust, bil­low­ing smoke, and laser impacts. The game also adds the abil­i­ty to tame and grow a sand­worm. Play­ers can feed, pet, ride, and explore the uni­verse with worm com­pan­ion. Oh yeah, and they can fly.

Addi­tion­al fea­tures include the Ghast­ly Trail cus­tomiza­tion option fro the play­er’s Jet­pack exhaust noz­zles. This applies a gooey flu­id effect when in flight. Mean­while, the Flesh Launch­er fire­work will explode with slime, phas­ma, and worms. Oth­er cus­tomiza­tion items include the Titan­ic Tro­phy skull of a sand­worm for base dec­o­ra­tion, a Feast­ing Casque hel­met, and more.

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