No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update Released Today

No Man’s Sky has been through many changes over the last five years, with con­tent updates adding fea­tures like fly­ing pets, mul­ti­play­er game modes, mech suits, and more. How­ev­er, the game’s lat­est update, Fron­tiers, is on the larg­er side and allows play­ers to man­age their own set­tle­ments across the universe.

Play­ers will have to find these set­tle­ments, since they can’t just make a set­tle­ment wher­ev­er they please. You’ll have to earn the title of Over­seer at an exist­ing one if you wish to be a part of that com­mu­ni­ty. Once you’re in charge, it’s now your duty to look after the entire settlement.

You can name the colony, decide what’s built in it, as well as sort out all kinds of dis­putes. Play­ers can will have to resolve argu­ments between vil­lagers and defend the town from attack­ing Sentinels.

The job of Over­seer has some perks. Those who man­age to keep their set­tle­ments hap­py will earn more resources every day. The pro­duc­tiv­i­ty val­ue of the set­tle­ment with depend on the resources giv­en, with high-class set­tle­ments giv­ing play­ers more valu­able items. 

You can check out the Fron­tiers patch notes below. It also appears this won’t be the last update for No Man’s Sky, founder of Hel­lo Games say­ing on Twit­ter, “We’re excit­ed for what it allows us to do in the future.” This release also means the mod­der who put Mur­ray’s face on every­thing in the game, can stop now.

No Man’s Sky update 3.6 patch notes


  • Pro­ce­du­ral­ly gen­er­at­ed plan­e­tary set­tle­ments can be now found on inhab­it­ed plan­ets all across the universe.
  • Set­tle­ments are found nat­u­ral­ly via a new mis­sion that occurs after a small amount of post-tuto­r­i­al progress.
  • Set­tle­ments can also be found with maps pur­chased from the Space Sta­tion Cartographer.
  • Mis­sion Board mis­sions that involve locat­ing NPCs can also take play­ers to settlements.
  • Play­ers may sub­mit their cre­den­tials to the mon­u­ment at the heart of the set­tle­ment. If accept­ed by the cit­i­zens, they will become Over­seer of the set­tle­ment and may choose its name.
  • Every set­tle­ment and its lay­out is unique. Each build­ing is pro­ce­du­ral­ly gen­er­at­ed, using only parts avail­able for play­er base building.
  • Set­tle­ment sta­tus can be seen and man­aged from the cen­tral mon­u­ment. Once play­ers have con­struct­ed their Overseer’s Office, they can also man­age the set­tle­ment from the ter­mi­nal in their office.
  • Set­tle­ments have five key stats: pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, pop­u­la­tion, hap­pi­ness, upkeep costs, and Sen­tinel alert level.
  • Improve their stats by research­ing new tech­nolo­gies, attract­ing new set­tlers to the town, con­struct­ing new build­ings, set­ting set­tle­ment poli­cies, and more!
  • Set­tle­ments where pro­duc­tiv­i­ty is high­er than its upkeep will gen­er­ate valu­able prod­ucts for its Over­seer to claim for them­selves. High­er class set­tle­ments will pro­duce more valu­able goods.
  • Set­tle­ments can fall into debt, for exam­ple after com­mis­sion­ing an expen­sive new piece of tech­nol­o­gy. Debt is auto­mat­i­cal­ly repaid from sur­plus pro­duc­tion. While set­tle­ments are in debt, the Over­seer may not claim the extra products.
  • Key stat bonus­es are award­ed in the form of set­tle­ment features.
  • Strong fea­tures will replace weak­er ones. Once the set­tle­ment is at the fea­ture lim­it, weak­er fea­tures will be award­ed as stat bonus­es and will not replace a bet­ter feature.
  • Over time, the Over­seer will be called upon to make deci­sions. A new Set­tlers mis­sion has been added to the log to help keep track of these requests. This mis­sion will alert Over­seers when­ev­er they are required.
  • Every few hours, the Over­seer may be request­ed to make a deci­sion. These range from greet­ing strangers, to resolv­ing crimes, to set­ting set­tle­ment poli­cies and research goals.
  • These deci­sions will help shape your set­tle­ment into a thriv­ing town. How­ev­er, be sure to mon­i­tor the Sen­tinel alert lev­el. This will rise slow­ly over time, and may trig­ger an attack on the set­tle­ment. The Over­seer must be ready to defend their people!
  • The settlement’s cit­i­zens will wan­der the town accord­ing to their rou­tines. Their mood is influ­enced by the over­all hap­pi­ness of the set­tle­ment, as well as their own reac­tions to your decisions.
  • Any set­tler may be inspect­ed to glimpse a view at their cur­rent thoughts.
  • Oth­er set­tlers will dis­play their thoughts as they wan­der, allow­ing the Over­seer an insight into the inner lives of their citizens.
  • Oppor­tu­ni­ties to choose a new build­ing to con­struct will arise fre­quent­ly. Choose which build­ings to pri­ori­tise and make your set­tle­ment unique.
  • Once a deci­sion has been made at the ter­mi­nal in the Overseer’s Office, a con­struc­tion site will be placed in the set­tle­ment. Vis­it the site and sup­ply resources to fuel construction.
  • Com­plet­ing the con­struc­tion of build­ings will also award stat bonuses.


  • The base build­ing menu has been replaced by a new grid of all avail­able parts.
  • The grid allows a quick and easy pre­view of all exist­ing parts, as well as offer­ing quick access to part selection.
  • From the grid, play­ers can select a part to place or go straight to edit mode.
  • In place­ment mode, play­ers now have quick access to scale, colour, mate­r­i­al and rota­tion options.
  • In place­ment mode, play­ers can quick­ly cycle between relat­ed parts, or can return to the parts grid to choose their next con­struc­tion module.
  • A new ‘free place­ment’ mode has been added. This dis­ables snap­ping and allows parts to inter­sect with each oth­er and still be valid to place. It also allows play­ers to freely place parts in mid-air.
  • From place­ment mode, or direct from the parts grid, play­ers can enter Edit mode and adjust any exist­ing parts. Sim­ply tar­get the part and select the appro­pri­ate option.
  • From edit mode, parts can be dupli­cat­ed for rapid construction.
  • Or, pick up a part to fine tune it before putting it back in place.
  • Over 250 new base build­ing parts have been added, from dec­o­ra­tive to structural.
  • Three new con­struc­tion sets have been added – tim­ber, stone, and alloy. While still ver­sa­tile and easy to snap, these new sets are much high­er detail and more visu­al­ly diverse than the pre­vi­ous basic sets.
  • These sets replace the old wood, con­crete and met­al sets. The old­er sets are no longer avail­able to learn, but will be kept for exist­ing players.
  • Play­ers who have already researched pieces from the old sets will be award­ed parts from the new set for free. The new sets are sig­nif­i­cant­ly larg­er, so be sure to vis­it the Con­struc­tion Research Sta­tion on the Space Anom­aly to browse the full set.
  • The new sets are con­text-aware and will auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjust their visu­als to suit their posi­tion with­in a build­ing. For exam­ple, walls placed at the top of a mul­ti-storey build­ing may add extra trim to their tops, while walls placed at the bot­tom may fea­ture extra sup­port beams.
  • The Exocraft sig­nal boost­ers can now locate Trade Outposts.
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed the Galac­tic Trade Ter­mi­nal from being placed on basic wall pieces.
  • The Galac­tic Trade Ter­mi­nal no longer needs pow­er to func­tion in play­er bases.
  • A num­ber of dep­re­cat­ed and unus­able base parts have been removed from the research trees.
  • Sig­nal Boost­ers are no longer lim­it­ed to one per region.


  • Space skies have been sig­nif­i­cant­ly improved, with all-new visu­als for gen­er­at­ing neb­u­la effects.
  • Visu­al effects across the entire game have been sig­nif­i­cant­ly improved – destruc­tion, envi­ron­men­tal, com­bat and much more.
  • The mode select screen has been updat­ed with a new set of images from the com­mu­ni­ty. Thank you to all the ded­i­cat­ed No Man’s Sky photographers!
  • Fixed an issue that caused a sin­gle black frame dur­ing a teleport.
  • Fixed a num­ber of ren­der­ing issues with stars in VR.


  • The save/load sys­tem has been overhauled.
  • On con­sole, each save is now treat­ed as its own object, rather than all five save slots being bun­dled together.
  • All exist­ing saves have been auto­mat­i­cal­ly backed up.
  • A num­ber of crash­es that could occur when sav­ing or load­ing large and lengthy saveg­ames have been fixed.
  • The num­ber of pos­si­ble save slots has been increased from five to fif­teen. The save select screen now sup­ports scrolling to see addi­tion­al slots/start a new game.
  • The num­ber of dis­cov­er­ies that can be saved local­ly with­out upload­ing has been doubled.
  • Any non-con­sum­able Quick­sil­ver rewards, such as ges­tures and base build­ing parts, are no longer save slot spe­cif­ic and can be used across all save slots once purchased.
  • Cross-save Expe­di­tion rewards, Titles, and Cat­a­logue data will now be cloud synced along with oth­er save data.
  • Mul­ti­ple users on the same PC and Win­dows login will no longer share Expe­di­tion rewards, Titles, and Cat­a­logue data.


  • On the Dis­cov­ery screen, improved the clar­i­ty of the but­ton that is used to reg­is­ter com­ple­tion of all crea­ture dis­cov­er­ies on a planet.
  • The reward for dis­cov­er­ing all crea­tures on the plan­et has been sig­nif­i­cant­ly increased.
  • The clar­i­ty of the end-of-expe­di­tion count­down has been improved.
  • Sea­son Three will begin soon, and will bring an excit­ing range of new rewards…


  • Fixed a num­ber of mis­sion issues relat­ed to oth­er play­ers dis­cov­er­ing the tar­get creatures/plants/minerals.
  • Fixed a num­ber of issues where match­mak­ing with play­ers who had adjust­ed their clocks would cause the Expe­di­tion to end prematurely.
  • Fixed a num­ber of issues that could pre­vent play­ers from land­ing despite the loca­tion being valid.
  • Fixed an issue that made it dif­fi­cult to hov­er-select the final Expe­di­tion patch.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the text on the expe­di­tion start splash screen to over­lap in VR.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed play­ers to start a new Expe­di­tion with­out updat­ing their client to the cor­rect version.
  • Fixed a num­ber of mix issues with Byte­beat and back­ground music.
  • Fixed an ani­ma­tion issue that could occur when stroking a com­pan­ion imme­di­ate­ly before mount­ing them.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the col­li­sion detec­tion for bio­log­i­cal hor­rors to be far too small.
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed jet­pack trail names from appear­ing if they had not been unlocked.
  • Fixed a num­ber of cam­era issues that could occur when using a plan­e­tary chart while inside an Exocraft.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some build­ings and bases to be labelled incor­rect­ly when enter­ing them.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause play­ers to take haz­ard dam­age if their haz­ard pro­tec­tion was drained but they were no longer in the active hazard.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some mark­ers to have a “time to walk here” esti­mate despite being on anoth­er planet.
  • Fixed a rare crash on Xbox that could pre­vent play­ers from load­ing into the game.
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