No Man’s Sky Expedition Update Adds New Multiplayer Mode

A new update for No Man’s Sky intro­duces a new mul­ti­play­er mode that will change every sea­son. Update 3.3, called Expe­di­tions, arrives today and lets play­ers explore a plan­et and reach mile­stones together. 

The Expe­di­tions mode is dis­tinct from the oth­er exist­ing modes, and Hel­lo Games promis­es that each sea­son will intro­duce new adven­tures for com­mu­ni­ties to explore togeth­er. All play­ers start on the same plan­et, and com­plet­ing mis­sions will unlock mis­sion patch­es to dis­play. You’ll also get cos­met­ic rewards which can be tak­en back into the oth­er game modes, like a new jet­pack, exclu­sive ship, weapon, and title already available. 

Expe­di­tions also includes sev­er­al tweaks to the over­all game as well. A Tar­get Sweep mode expands explo­ration options with new sur­vey tech­niques, and mis­sions have been over­hauled to include this mechan­ic. Space Sta­tion mis­sions have also received an over­haul with greater rewards for high­er-lev­el mis­sions. The UI and HUD have been adjust­ed as well, and Hel­lo Games has made changes to ear­ly game bal­ance and build­ing instruc­tions as well as bug fixes. 

Hel­lo Games has been reg­u­lar in updat­ing their game since its ini­tial release, with every­thing from over­hauls to ships made out liv­ing crea­tures. The lat­est update, Com­pan­ions, added pets just over a month ago.

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