Nintendo’s New ARMS Update Adds LAN Play And Spectator Mode

The Nin­ten­do Switch exclu­sive ARMS has just received a new update. 

A new Are­na mode and LAN play have been added to the game. Are­na Mode can be found under the ‘Local’ sec­tion. It will allow four sys­tems to link up in a sin­gle match. Two play­ers will face off one-v-one and the oth­er two will spec­tate the match.

The new LAN mode can be accessed by press­ing the left stick fol­lowed by hit­ting L+R on the main menu. This will func­tion­al­ly be the same as wire­less local mul­ti­play­er, but with the ben­e­fits of a wired con­nec­tion. Tour­na­ments and sim­i­lar events will be ones to ben­e­fit the most. 

Full patch notes are below:

  • LAN Play” sup­port added. You can now bat­tle against play­ers via LAN. On the Top Menu, click and hold the Left Stick and then press L+R to switch between “Local” and “LAN Play.”
  • Are­na Mode” added. This mode focus­es on seri­ous 1‑on‑1 match­es and can be played via “Friends,”“Local,” or “LAN Play.” Up to four play­ers can be in the are­na, and play­ers not cur­rent­ly fight­ing watch as spectators.
  • Fixed issue where Kid Cobra was able to repeat­ed­ly do a charge dash while rid­ing snake boards.
  • Fixed issue where Barq would warp a great dis­tance away after Byte & Barq per­form a rush attack while on a snake board.
  • Fixed issue where ARMs such as the Chakram would pass through the pur­ple light box­es in the Rib­bon Ring stage.
  • Fixed issue where Biff referred to the “ARMS Grand Prix” as the “AMRS Grand Prix.”

Source: Nin­ten­do Sup­portNin­ten­do Japan via Nin­ten­do­Life

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