Nintendo Switch Sales Surpass 89 Million Units

Nin­ten­do has released its lat­est earn­ings report and one of the more inter­est­ing sales fig­ures has to do with the Nin­ten­do Switch. In total, the con­sole has sold 89.04 mil­lion units, sell­ing 4.45 of those dur­ing the April-June period. 

Dom­sPlay­ing on Twit­ter point­ed out that the Switch has now sur­mount­ed the PS3, which sold around 87.4 mil­lion units (report­ed­ly). The Switch is grow­ing clos­er to reach­ing sales that match Wii, which sold 101.63 mil­lion units through­out its life­time. When it comes down the hard­ware sales, the Game Boy (118.69 mil­lion units) and the Nin­ten­do DS (154.02 mil­lion units) are still big­ger than the Nin­ten­do Switch right now.

Games sales for Nin­ten­do are still strong, with New Poké­mon Snap reach­ing 2.07 mil­lion copies sold, while Miitopia passed 1.04 mil­lion units. Mario Golf: Super Rush man­aged to sell 1.34 mil­lion copies with­in the first week of sales. Nin­ten­do’s report­ing peri­od ends on June 30th and Mario Gold: Super Rush launched on June 25th, so it racked up a decent amount in just five days.

Mario Kart 8 Deluze sold anoth­er 1.69 mil­lion units dur­ing the peri­od, bring­ing its total to 37.08 million–making it the best-sell­ing Nin­ten­do Switch game ever. Ani­mal Crosss­ing: New Hori­zons sold 1.26 mil­lion more copies dur­ing the April-June peri­od, bring­ing the total to 33.89 million.

In total nine games dur­ing this finan­cial peri­od sold 1 mil­lion or more on the Switch. More than 632.4 mil­lion Switch game have been sold to date. 

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