There have been so many rumors swirling around about a Switch Pro, it’s hard to keep track. This time, it’s a fea­ture about the poten­tial con­sole’s hard­ware con­tain­ing Nvidi­a’s Deep Learn­ing Super Sam­pling (DLSS) support.

A Bloomberg report cites sources who are close to the project and con­firmed the new Switch revi­sion will fea­ture a new SoC (sys­tem on chip) from Nvidia. The new chip will fea­ture bet­ter CPU per­for­mance and addi­tion­al mem­o­ry, help­ing the Switch reach the 4K out­put pre­vi­ous reported.

If this is all true, the biggest addi­tion would be the DLSS. It’s been exclu­sive to PC, with Nvidia using the upscal­ing tech­nol­o­gy to dras­ti­cal­ly increase per­for­mance at high­er res­o­lu­tions with lit­tle to no impact on visu­al quality. 

Nin­ten­do has repeat­ed­ly denied the claims of the con­sole exis­tence, but it has been report­ed they will reveal it some­time this year. It was also report­ed Nin­ten­do is to being pro­duc­tion on them in June. Pre­vi­ous reports sug­gest­ed the upgrad­ed Switch would sport a big­ger 7‑inch screen with an OLED pan­el and improved bat­tery life.