Nintendo Plans On Announce New Hardware When They Feel It’s Right Time

The Nin­ten­do Switch has start­ed its fifth year and busi­ness con­tin­ues to go steady for con­sole. This has led to Nin­ten­do’s “no rush” approach to intro­duc­ing new hard­ware to the mar­ket, accord­ing to Nin­ten­do of Amer­i­ca pres­i­dent, Doug Bowser.

We are always look­ing at tech­nol­o­gy and how tech­nol­o­gy can enhance game­play expe­ri­ences,” Bows­er explained to The Wash­ing­ton Post. “It’s not tech­nol­o­gy for tech­nol­o­gy’s sake. It’s how specif­i­cal­ly can tech­nol­o­gy enhance a game­play expe­ri­ence. And then where do you apply that tech­nol­o­gy? Do you want to apply it on cur­rent exist­ing hard­ware or plat­forms, or do you want to wait for the next plat­form? And then what’s the right game­play expe­ri­ence with that? There’s a host of fac­tors that goes into it, and it’s some­thing we’re always look­ing at.”

Bows­er added that Nin­ten­do’s cur­rent focus is on its upcom­ing game releas­es, which cater to a diverse audi­ence and are a key pil­lar to the com­pa­ny’s busi­ness strategy.

Nin­ten­do has spent approx­i­mate­ly $880 mil­lion in research and devel­op­ment dur­ing its last finan­cial year, with the bulk of that mon­ey going towards increased soft­ware and out­sourc­ing costs for the Switch. While the com­pa­ny is always search­ing for new tech­nol­o­gy and how it can be used in its next con­sole, R&D spend­ing also wen­to towards online investments.

Until Nin­ten­do is ready to unveil the Switch Pro or New Nin­ten­do Switch (whichev­er you pre­fer), the cur­rent mod­el still has plen­ty of play­ers to take care of. Over 85 mil­lion Switch con­soles have already been sold, with Nin­ten­do’s first-par­ty titles being reg­u­lar top-sellers.

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