Nintendo Officially Announced The New Switch, Arriving October 8th

It’s been months of rumors, but Nin­ten­do has final­ly (sur­prised) announced a new Nin­ten­do Switch mod­el. It’s being called the Nin­ten­do Switch OLED and it dons a 7‑inch screen with a wider adjustable stand. It will be releas­ing on Octo­ber 8th, along­side Metroid Dread, and will cost $350.

The announce­ment men­tions specs, includ­ing 64GB of inter­nal stor­age, enhanced audio, and a wired LAN port built into the dock. Although the dock sup­ports HD, the debut trail­er does­n’t acknowl­edge any per­for­mance improve­ments or 4K sup­port. The tech­ni­cal specs con­firmed by Nin­ten­do states the Nin­ten­do Switch OLED max­es out at 1080p in TV mode. It will come in a black-and-white fin­ish with a white dock, which you can see in the trail­er, and a neon red-and-blue set with a black dock. All Joy-Con con­trollers will be com­pat­i­ble with the new model.

Pri­or to this announce­ment, reports sug­gest­ed the new Switch would have a 7‑inch OLED screen and a bet­ter CPU from Nvidia, capa­ble of out­putting 4K in docked mode. Nin­ten­do told The Verge that this mod­el “does not have a new CPU, or RAM from pre­vi­ous Nin­ten­do Switch models.”

Nin­ten­do pre­vi­ous­ly claimed it would not be announc­ing a Switch hard­ware change this year, but when the time was right. Of course, this unveil comes with hand-in-hand with the ongo­ing semi­con­duc­tor short­age that is impact­ing all tech indus­tries, espe­cial­ly con­sole and PC part pro­duc­tion. Nin­ten­do’s pres­i­dent says the com­pa­ny is also suf­fer­ing from the short­age, which is also impact­ing the sup­ply of the Switch.

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