A cou­ple of days ago, Nin­ten­do had a rather large Nin­ten­do Direct, show­ing off a bunch of games. This is the first major livestream since Sep­tem­ber 2019, and we saw mul­ti­ple titles com­ing to the Nin­ten­do Switch this year and in 2022. There are also updates for known games like No More Heroes 3, Mon­ster Hunter Rise and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

There was also plen­ty more revealed dur­ing this show, and this round-up will be cov­er­ing all the major announce­ments that hap­pened dur­ing the stream. You can check out the biggest reveals first, then every­thing else — below:

The Biggest News

The Leg­end Of Zel­da: Sky­ward Sword HD

This game was orig­i­nal­ly a Wii title, but is mak­ing a return to the Nin­ten­do Switch via an enhanced port. Along with an HD res­o­lu­tion update, the orig­i­nal sword fight­ing com­bat that used motion-con­trol mechan­ics have been enhanced to work with Joy­Cons. How­ev­er, if you want to play with­out motion-con­trols, you can now do that with the new revamped con­trol scheme.

You can see more about The Leg­end of Zel­da: Sky­ward Sword HD’s release date and pre-order guide, here.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

It has been a num­ber of years since the last Mario Golf was released, but it appears Nin­ten­do is plan­ning on launch­ing anoth­er entry this year. Mario Golf: Super Rush is com­ing to the Switch June 25th. 

In the game, Mario and friends take to the golf course and com­pete across the Mush­room King­dom; with a brand new sto­ry mode star­ing your Mii char­ac­ter explor­ing the King­dom and inter­act­ing with char­ac­ters from the series.

Super Smash Bros. New Fight­ers

The show start­ed with the unveil­ing of Xenoblade Chron­i­cles 2 char­ac­ters Mythra and Pyra join­ing the ros­ter for Super Smash Bros. Ulti­mate. These fight­ers are also bring­ing a new stage with them to fight on, which will release some­time in March.

Hyrule War­riors: Age of Calami­ty DLC

Nin­ten­do revealed two big drops for Hyrule War­riors: Age of Calami­ty. The upcom­ing expan­sion pass, which pur­chas­ing would grant access to new char­ac­ters, cos­tumes weapons and new loca­tions that have new chal­lenges. The typ­i­cal DLC stuff. The first. The con­tent update will launch some­time in June, with the sec­ond arriv­ing in November.

Spla­toon 3

Right at the end of the show, the next entry to the Spla­toon series was revealed. You can check out the post-apoc­a­lyp­tic imagery in the Spla­toon 3 in the video below. The game is planned to launch some­time in 2022.

Other Announcements

Fall Guys Is Com­ing To The Switch

The quirky bat­tle royale game is mak­ing its way to the Nin­ten­do Switch. It launch­es some­time this sum­mer, with all the cur­rent con­tent the game has to offer.

Out­er Wilds Comes To Switch

The space-explo­ration nar­ra­tive focused time-loop game from Mobius Dig­i­tal will also be com­ing to the Nin­ten­do Switch this summer.

The Fam­i­com Detec­tive Club

This visu­al nov­el series is mak­ing a first-time appear­ance in North Amer­i­ca on May 14th. The west­ern release will have a new local­ized script, which focus­es on a mud­er inves­ti­ga­tion of a wealthy family.

Samu­rai War­riors 5

The Samu­rai War­rior series is being revived, with the next install­ment head­ing to the Nin­ten­do Switch this sum­mer. Set in the Sen­goku peri­od, the game will cov­er the rise of Nobuna­ga Oda and Mit­suhide Akechi. Start­ing Feb­ru­ary 25th, Koei Tec­mo will be launch­ing a series of livestreams show­cas­ing what’s to come.

The Leg­end of Mana

Square Enix’s next remas­ter from the series Leg­end of Mana is set to release on June 24th for Nin­ten­do Switch. It’s a full remas­ter of the orig­i­nal PlaySta­tion 1 game from 1999, which fea­tures updat­ed 2D back­grounds and char­ac­ter sprites.

Mon­ster Hunter Rise Trail­er and Spe­cial Pro Controller

Cap­com revealed a new trail­er for Mon­ster Hunter Rise, show­cas­ing new mon­sters and key char­ac­ters to meet in the sto­ry. There was also a glimpse of a spe­cial Mon­ster Hunter brand­ed Pro Con­troller that will release with the game.

Tales From The Borderlands

Tell­tale Games’ Tales From the Bor­der­lands will arrive to the Nin­ten­do Switch on March 24th. This will fea­ture all five episodes, cov­er­ing the time between Bor­der­lands 1 and 2.

Cap­com Arcade Stadium

This arcade fea­tures a col­lec­tion of clas­sic Cap­com arcade titles, like Ghosts and Gob­lins, Strid­er and many more. This col­lec­tion brings many of the pub­lish­er’s biggest titles from the past all in one place. It is cur­rent­ly avail­able right now on the Nin­ten­do Switch.

Stubbs The Zombie

This game is from 2005, but is now being launched on the Nin­ten­do Switch on March 16th. It’s a zom­bie action game that lets you take con­trol of humans. It’s avail­able for pre­order now.

No More Heroes 3

Alien inva­sions and rival assas­sins are Travis Touch­down’s next tar­gets in No More Heroes 3. The game is sched­uled to launch on the Switch on August 27th.

Neon White

Neon White is a first-per­son action game about assas­sins tak­ing out demons who’ve invad­ed Heav­en. You use tarot cards to con­jure up guns, swords, and oth­er mag­i­cal attacks. Neon White will launch on Nin­ten­do Switch June 4th.

Plants Vs. Zom­bies: Bat­tle For Neigh­borville — Com­plete Edition

This game will final­ly make a debut on the Nin­ten­do Switch March 19th. It will fea­ture all DLC and con­tent released for the game.

Miitopia Returns To The Nin­ten­do Switch

The orig­i­nal Mii king­dom builder from the 3Ds Miitopia will make its debut on the Nin­ten­do Switch with an enhanced port. The game plays exact­ly as it did on the 3DS, allow­ing your Miis to help grow your kingdom.

Ani­mal Cross­ing: New Hori­zons Sea­son­al Update

Dur­ing the stream, new cos­tumes and items were shown that pay homage to the res­i­dents of Mush­room King­dom. Releas­ing on Feb­ru­ary 25th, this new update with coin­cide with the 35th anniver­sary of the Super Mario series.

Project Tri­an­gle Strategy

The same team the devel­oped Octopath Trav­eller, brings the next game, Project Tri­an­gle Strat­e­gy. This game ven­tures into the turn-based RPG, set in the land of Zorzelia — where nations are fight­ing over resources. Your par­ty of war­riors and mages will bat­tle oth­ers sol­diers and beat them using team attacks and oth­er skills.

Star Wars Hunters

This spin-off is a com­pet­i­tive free-to-play third-per­son shoot­er that’s set before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awak­ens. In Hunters, you can con­trol dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters and bat­tle against rivals in duals and oth­er skirmishes.

Knock­out City

EA’s next online mul­ti­play game will be Knock­out City, which blends team-based tac­tics with an intense ver­sion of dodge­ball. This game will launch on Switch and oth­er plat­forms on May 21st in a spe­cial free tri­al for all players.

World’s End Club

Orig­i­nal­ly released on iOS, this mys­tery game will get an enhanced ver­sion on the Switch, which launch­es on May 28th.

Nin­ja Gaiden Mas­ter Collection

The mod­ern Nin­ja Gaiden tril­o­gy is com­ing to the Nin­ten­do Switch. This includes Nin­ja Gaiden Sig­ma, Sig­ma 2 and Nin­ja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge — all enhanced ports of the orig­i­nal games that includes all DLC. The col­lec­tion releas­es on June 10th. 

Saga Fron­tier Remastered

This is the remas­ter of the orig­i­nal PlaySta­tion 1 RPG, which launch­es on the Nin­ten­do Switch on April 15th. There are new HD sprites and back­drops, as well as a new pro­tag­o­nist who has their own unique side-story.