Nintendo Aware Of Metroid & Mother 3 Demand

The absence of any Metroid or Moth­er games at last night’s Nin­ten­do Switch pre­sen­ta­tion left many dis­ap­point­ed. The last main entry in the Metroid series was Metroid: Oth­er M in 2010. Moth­er 3 has been in demand in the West since its Japan­ese release in 2006. It isn’t sur­pris­ing that both series were asked about after Nin­ten­do’s presentation.

In a inter­view with GameSpot, Reg­gie Fils-Aime had a few words on the two series.

I am proud as an exec­u­tive with Nin­ten­do to say that we look at all of the boards and all of the com­ments and we real­ly have a good under­stand­ing of what our con­sumers want. And believe me, we take that to heart as we work to cre­ate content.” 

In regards to offi­cial news or announce­ments, he had this to say.

So I have noth­ing to announce–here. But we are aware that there are some key IP that con­sumers just can’t wait for the next true install­ment in that fran­chise’s lega­cy. Suf­fice it to say, we’re aware of it, and talk to me in a year and let’s look back and see what’s happened.” 

These com­ments should­n’t be read into very deeply. The demand for both series has been clear, but each has strug­gled in some regard.

The last con­sole Metroid was Metroid: Oth­er M. It received mas­sive hate with many say­ing the game was the worst in the series and ruined Samus as a char­ac­ter. The series has also nev­er been as suc­cess­ful as oth­er Nin­ten­do prop­er­ties like Mario and Zel­da.  The Moth­er series has had mixed results with sales in the west despite crit­i­cal acclaim. While the intro­duc­tion of char­ac­ters form the Moth­er series in Smash Broth­ers brought some atten­tions, it has nev­er been very large. 

The sil­ver lin­ing is Fils-Aime words about check­ing in next year. By then the Switch will have launched. Nin­ten­do will like­ly try to avoid the prob­lem of the Wii U and release a steady stream of 1st par­ty titles. While not a guar­an­tee, there is hope for more Metroid and Moth­er 3. 

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