Nintendo Announces Pokken Tournament DX For The Switch

In a recent Nin­ten­do Direct Pokken Tour­na­ment DX was revealed. The game will launch Sep­tem­ber 22nd on the Nin­ten­do Switch. 

Pokken Tour­na­ment DX will essen­tial­ly com­bine con­tent from both the Wii U and Arcade ver­sion of Pokken Tour­na­ment.  This means that all 16 Poke­mon from the Wii U along with Dark­rai, Sci­zor, Croa­gunk, and Empoleon will be playable from the start. There will also be addi­tion­al Switch exclu­sive fea­tures and con­tent such as the new fight­er Decidueye.

Nintendo Announces Pokken Tournament DX For The Switch

Here is the full list of new features

  • Play Pokken any­time, any­where on Nin­ten­do Switch – Play Pokken Tour­na­ment DX in TV mode, hand­held mode, or share a Joy-Con con­troller with anoth­er Train­er to bat­tle one-on-one in table­top mode anywhere!
  • A brand-new fight­er – Decidu­eye enters the bat­tle, along­side all pre­vi­ous Poke­mon from the Wii U and arcade versions.
  • New Sup­port Poke­mon – Lit­ten and Pop­plio make their debut to lend their sup­port in battle.
  • Team Bat­tle mode – Pick three Poke­mon and bat­tle it out to be the first to defeat all your opponent’s Poké­mon to win in the new Team Bat­tle mode.
  • Group Match mode – Find sim­i­lar skilled play­ers in bat­tle rooms for intense and fun bat­tles online.
  • Dai­ly Chal­lenges – Com­plete a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent dai­ly challenges.
  • Watch bat­tle replays – Hone your skills by watch­ing oth­er play­ers’ replays and share your best match­es online with the new replay feature.
  • Jump straight into bat­tle – All char­ac­ters and Sup­port Poke­mon will be avail­able right from the start of the game.

Nat­u­ral­ly the game will be a part of Nin­ten­do’s E3 plans. Pokken Tour­na­ment DX will be fea­tured on the Nin­ten­do Tree­house. On June 13 the game will be fea­tured around 9:30am PT and the fol­low­ing two days around 10am PT. There will also be a tour­na­ment for the game on June 14th at 10:30am PT.


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