Next Free Titanall 2 DLC Incoming

Titan­fall devel­op­er Respawn is con­tin­u­ing its promised flow of free DLC for Titan­fall 2. This next update brings a new game mode and 2 new maps.

The New Game mode, Fron­tier Defense is coop­er­a­tive wave based hoard mode.

  • Co-op 4 play­er mode.
  • Defend your Har­vester against 5 waves of increas­ing­ly dif­fi­cult enemies.
  • Earn cash for defeat­ing ene­mies that you can spend in between waves to pur­chase tools like Bat­ter­ies, Arc Traps, Sen­tries, and more.
  • Choose from Easy / Reg­u­lar / Hard / Mas­ter difficulty.
  • There will be an Insane dif­fi­cul­ty as well that will exist in a sep­a­rate tile as a Fea­tured Mode.
  • New Titan Pro­gres­sion – ‘Aegis Ranks’
    • Earn Aegis Ranks by com­plet­ing match­es of Fron­tier Defense. Aegis Ranks can unlock pow­er­ful upgrades for your Titans, help­ing you suc­ceed at high­er dif­fi­cul­ty lev­els. For now these Ranks will only apply to Fron­tier Defense.
  • New, chal­leng­ing ene­my types to battle.
  • 5 maps sup­port­ed at launch
    • Home­stead
    • For­ward­base Kodai
    • War Games
    • Rise
    • Black­wa­ter Canal
    • We are cur­rent­ly test­ing addi­tion­al maps and will add more in future
  • We’ll be show­ing more of Fron­tier Defense in an upcom­ing tuto­r­i­al video around launch. — Respawn’s Offi­cial Description

On top of the new game mode, play­ers will also receive 2 new Mul­ti­play­er maps.


Long sight lines and tight quar­ters dic­tate the bat­tle in this aban­doned desert reser­voir. The tow­er­ing, sheer walls and a sys­tem of con­ve­nient zip lines pro­vide Pilots with means to get around quick­ly while Titans do bat­tle in the long cor­ri­dors below. Pilots can also set up ambush­es in the guts of this com­plex pipeworks, while titans can lock down large sec­tions of the bat­tle­field at crit­i­cal junc­tures. Tread carefully.

Next Free Titanall 2 DLC Incoming

 Pilot vs. Pilot Map Township

A new mod­u­lar con­struc­tion of a res­i­den­tial fire­fight. Cov­er is sparse for Pilots bold enough to leave the safe­ty of a few hous­es. Win­dows and rooftops decide who con­trols the map, but dense inte­ri­ors can always hold surprises.

Next Free Titanall 2 DLC Incoming

Also com­ing with the Free DLC is the addi­tion of some new Paid cos­met­ics that now not only make you look cool, but also pro­vide XP boost. You can find out more about those over at the Titan­fall blog.

Titan­fall 2 has been a fun expe­ri­ence for us most­ly since launch and its great to still see more free con­tent coming.

Do you plan on kick­ing some ass on these new maps or hit­ting Fron­tier defense up for a while? I am actu­al­ly excit­ed to give Fron­tier defense a try with some friends, I do love coop.

Titan­fall 2 is avail­able now for Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC.

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