New World, the delayed Ama­zon Game Stu­dios MMO, has final­ly gone live, becom­ing one of the most pop­u­lar games on Steam. It’s cur­rent­ly sit­ting at #2 with more than 700,000 con­cur­rent play­ers and count­ing. But with suc­cess always comes a few pit­falls. The game has been expe­ri­enc­ing serv­er issues and long login queues, sim­ply because there are so many players.

Most of the game’s North Amer­i­can and Euro­pean servers are cur­rent­ly at “High” pop­u­la­tion count, with only a few still at “Medi­um” counts. Ama­zon says it’s look­ing into these prob­lems and wants to let every­one expe­ri­ence the game. Some on Red­dit have said they’ve even been kicked out of the queue line, send­ing them back to the very end of it. 

The stu­dio updat­ed their users to let them know that they would be adding more servers to expand the capac­i­ty for regions that had a high­er vol­ume of players.

It seems Ama­zon Games took lit­tle time to imple­ment the addi­tion of these servers, and their Twit­ter feed is full of serv­er peri­od­ic serv­er addi­tions over the last 24 hours. The stu­dio also gave a workaround for get­ting kicked from the queue line.

It’s imper­a­tive that New World suc­ceeds, as the game saw sev­er­al delays and long beta peri­ods. It was orig­i­nal­ly sched­uled to release in the spring of 2020, but was delayed three more times after that.

The com­pa­ny’s pre­vi­ous game, a free-to-play shooter/battle royale called Cru­cible, failed to find a player­base. It was can­celed mere months after it was released. Ama­zon Game Stu­dios vice pres­i­dent Christoph Hart­mann recent­ly said New World would be the game that proved the stu­dio was capa­ble of devel­op­ing a hit title.