New World Players Want The Endgame Grind To Lessen

New World, being the MMO it is, isn’t par­tic­u­lar­ly shy when it comes the grind. This espe­cial­ly per­tains to farm­ing endgame gear. How­ev­er, the recent Into the Void update made adjust­ments to a num­ber of New World’s elite ene­mies, as well as elite points of inter­est. This made the grind more irri­tat­ing than before.

It’s report­ed that the update has made elite ene­mies much stronger, so play­ers need a large group just to effec­tive­ly take them down. It’s appar­ent­ly like this where all high­er-lev­el gear has a bet­ter chance to drop. Chests with­in these elite zones also appear less rewarding.

Although the grind has become more of a dis­ap­point­ment (espe­cial­ly for all those solo play­ers out there), many peo­ple are more agi­tat­ed that these changes were not men­tioned in Ama­zon Game Stu­dios’ offi­cial patch notes. Instead, play­ers dis­cov­ered these unneed­ed adjust­ments by them­selves. Of course, once back­lash over the slipped in update hit the stu­dio, they issued a statement.

Recent­ly changes were made to the Elite POIs in the end game zones and it’s clear to us that prop­er con­text was­n’t deliv­ered on why those changes were made,” a New World devel­op­er writes on the game’s offi­cial forums. “Our goal is to have a vari­ety of areas that play­ers can go to for craft­ing mate­ri­als and gear. But with new gear and equip­ment, we want play­ers to be challenged.”

New World’s endgame large­ly con­sists of farm­ing ene­mies and chests in elite zones for that chance at a bet­ter gear drop. There is oth­er endgame con­tent, like the dun­geon-esc Expe­di­tions, but they require far more effort. This, of course, brings peo­ple to focus on fam­ing out elite areas–simply out of ease.

Obvi­ous­ly Ama­zon wants play­ers to expe­ri­ence the endgame as a whole, the rea­son the stu­dio imple­ment­ed the changes in the first place. It seems that some of these were unin­ten­tion­al, like the elite chest drop rates. Ama­zon did say they were look­ing into it. 

Play­ers are not hap­py with Ama­zon’s response, and elite zone changes are a blis­ter­ing top­ic on the New World sub­red­dit. This is just the lat­est issue to plague New World. The in-game econ­o­my has shut down mul­ti­ple times due to a coin and item dupli­ca­tion glitch. The game also recent­ly went through some serv­er time trav­el.

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