New World Into The Void Update Is Really Large — Check Out The Full Patch Notes

New World’s first major con­tent update has arrived, and it’s absolute­ly mas­sive. Along with all the addi­tion­al con­tent, the update address a mul­ti­tude of oth­er adjusts includ­ing changes to fac­tion quests, weapon bal­ances, and plen­ty of fixes.

Ama­zon has added a new weapon as well, the Void Gaunt­let, a new Focus/Intelligence weapon that has a cou­ple of roles. Putting points into the Anni­hi­la­tion mas­tery tree will make this gaunt­let a great close-range weapon. Mean­while, focus­ing on the Decay tree brings the weapon into more of a sup­port role, allow­ing a debuff of ene­mies and bol­ster­ing allies.

Aeter­num’s world does­n’t have a wide vari­ety of ene­mies, which Ama­zon is begin­ning to rem­e­dy with this update. They’ve intro­duced a new ene­my fac­tion, the Varangian Knights, as well as new ene­my types for many of New World’s exist­ing ene­my factions.

The adjust­ments with­in this update are vast, from every­thing in the world to fac­tion quests. Starter zones have been made more dis­tinct from oth­er areas, play­ers in PvP have a high­er chance of find­ing rare items, there are also addi­tion­al fac­tion PvP mis­sions, and run­ning on roads give play­ers a 10% move­ment bonus.

Weapon bal­ances have also arrived, with every weapon in the game being adjust­ed in one way or anoth­er. Ama­zon is look­ing to make some of the less­er used weapon abil­i­ties more viable in the future.

The above is just the sur­face of what was includ­ed in this update. Fans of the MMO will like­ly find some­thing they enjoy in the update, which play­ers need after the rough cou­ple of weeks the game has been through. The game’s econ­o­my was shut down twice after the dis­cov­ery of an item and coin dupli­ca­tion exploit, as well as an invul­ner­a­bil­i­ty bug. Ama­zon has said they are work­ing on improv­ing response time to game-break­ing inci­dents. The stu­dio also recent­ly banned a large amount of cheaters from the game. 

You can check out the full patch notes below.

New World Into The Void Patch Notes


The Void Gaunt­let has man­i­fest­ed in Aeter­num. Manip­u­late the pow­ers of the Void to sup­port your allies and debil­i­tate your ene­mies with this mag­i­cal damage/support hybrid weapon. It’s the first weapon to scale on both Intel­li­gence and Focus, mak­ing it a great pair­ing with the Life Staff and oth­er mag­i­cal weapons. Adven­tur­ers will be able to progress through two weapon mas­tery trees, allow­ing the play­er to manip­u­late Void mag­ic in dif­fer­ent ways:

  • The Anni­hi­la­tion tree focus­es on max­i­miz­ing dam­age at close-range and revolves around Void Blade, a sum­moned blade of cor­ro­sive void energy.
  • The Decay tree offers ranged heal­ing and debuffs and revolves around Orb of Decay, a dual phase pro­jec­tile that can debuff ene­mies and heal allies.

With its arse­nal of buffs and debuffs, the Void Gaunt­let is per­fect for group com­bat and can sig­nif­i­cant­ly bol­ster your allies at the expense of your enemies.


The Varangians are a force of invad­ing knights cur­rent­ly raid­ing South­east­ern Aeter­num. They are led by Lord Com­man­der Attalus, a Gaul with a rep­u­ta­tion for bru­tal­i­ty and a twist­ed sense of humor. Com­man­der Attalus and the Varangians are vas­sals to a pow­er­ful war­lord named Varik “The Ham­mer” Iznov. They have been sent to South­east­ern Aeter­num in search of mag­i­cal arti­facts and arcane lore left behind by the Crim­son Sor­cer­er. Their goal is to secure mag­i­cal weapons that will help their lord in his con­quests. The Varangians are fierce­ly com­pet­i­tive and will vie with one anoth­er to cur­ry favor with Lord Com­man­der Attalus.

Why these fear­some war­riors have arrived is a ques­tion to all. Face off against mul­ti­ple new types of ene­mies, includ­ing the Varangian Hew­er, Varangian Scout, Varangian Knight, and Varangian Archer as you ascer­tain what they are chas­ing in Aeternum.



  • Added starter zone visu­al vari­ety and improvements.
    • Updat­ed visu­als have been added to the start­ing areas.
    • Cor­rup­tion and With­ered visu­als have been ampli­fied in farms and points of inter­est (POIs).
  • Ezra’s Forge has been updat­ed and moved from Amrine tem­ple to south­west Windsward.
  • Run Faster on Roads! While run­ning on roads you will now receive a move­ment bonus:
    • Move­ment speed bonus of 10% while trav­el­ling on roads.
    • The move speed bonus will not trig­ger unless the play­er has been run­ning for 3 sec­onds and they are on a road.
    • The move­ment bonus will be can­celled if a play­er engages in com­bat in any way such as dodg­ing, block­ing, attack­ing, or being hit with a debuff.
  • The move speed bonus is not active while play­er is active­ly engaged in wars, out­post rush, or duels.
  • Added a +10% Luck bonus and a +30% Gath­er­ing Luck bonus to play­ers flagged for PvP.
  • Notable bug fixes:
    • Fixed issues with var­i­ous AI stuck in cliffs or boulders.
    • Fixed issues with Boss gat­ing and trig­ger­ing in Expe­di­tions, where some doors would show as closed but would be open instead.
    • Fixed sev­er­al issues in Expe­di­tions that allowed play­ers to attack ene­mies with­out get­ting hit or heal team­mates with­out being in an encounter.
    • Var­i­ous ene­my vitals, names, and ver­sions have been updated/fixed.
    • Fixed var­i­ous issues with miss­ing or incor­rect world col­li­sion and nav­i­ga­tion mesh.


  • New PvP Fac­tion Mis­sions added:
    • Con­trol Points — Seize con­trol of a Fort.
    • Inter­cept — Defeat ene­my fac­tion mem­bers and col­lect their tears.
    • War Camp Loot — Retrieve hid­den plans at the enemy’s war camp.
  • We’ve updat­ed sev­er­al quests in the Main Sto­ry­line to improve the play­er expe­ri­ence with more com­pelling dynam­ics includ­ing wave encoun­ters, destruc­tible objects, and prox­im­i­ty track­ing nodes.
    • As a result of these changes, play­ers may find their progress reset for some Main Sto­ry­line quests.
    • The quests “Old Stone Remem­bers” and “New Ini­ti­ate, Old Order” have under­gone more exten­sive restruc­tur­ing, and play­ers who were on these quests will need to return to Yonas in Fisherman’s Bend to re-accept the quests.
  • Updat­ed the loca­tion of one of the Sur­vival­ist “Wolf Den” quests in First Light to reduce amount of trav­el. The encounter design has also been updat­ed to a wave event in all three starter zones.
  • Notable bug fixes:
    • Start­ing zone fac­tion mis­sions have been updat­ed so ear­ly play­ers will not be giv­en mis­sions to hunt sheep.
    • Fac­tion Rank 2 Quests are now offered at lev­el 20 but are still rec­om­mend­ed for lev­el 25+ players.
    • Return to Innkeep” quests now reward the prop­er amount of Azoth.
    • Map pins were updat­ed for hunt mis­sions in Elder’s Gate to be more accurate.
    • Two elite fac­tion assas­si­na­tion mis­sions in Bright­wood tar­get elite ene­mies that only spawn at night. We’ve updat­ed the quest text to spec­i­fy this requirement.
    • Var­i­ous text fix­es for typos, mov­ing of quest loca­tions, and rein­force­ment of story.
    • Revised nam­ing con­ven­tions for town projects to bet­ter dis­tin­guish them from Fac­tion Missions.
    • Fixed Expe­di­tion loot PvE fac­tion mis­sion with­in the Gar­den of Genesis.
    • Fixed a mis­match in the text require­ment and actu­al require­ments for the “To be a Grand­mas­ter” fish­ing quest.
    • Fixed an issue with PvP Spy mis­sions not being com­plet­ed in non-set­tled zones.
    • Added voice over (VO) fix­es for mul­ti­ple NPCs.
    • Fixed var­i­ous issues caus­ing NPCs to not com­plete their animations.
    • Fixed var­i­ous issues caus­ing incor­rect loot tags to display.


  • Notable bug fixes:
    • Fixed an issue caus­ing cer­tain AI to spawn more fre­quent­ly than intended.
    • Fixed var­i­ous issues that could occur when inter­act­ing with the jour­nal entries scat­tered across the world.
    • Fixed an issue with Town Projects board fail­ing to refresh.
    • PvP Expe­ri­ence bonus will no longer apply when in an Expedition.



  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Well Fed buff to stack from dif­fer­ent tiers and types of food. The most recent instance of the buff will now replace any pre­vi­ous versions.
  • Fixed a bug that pre­vent­ed Weapon Coat­ing items from being con­sumed prop­er­ly when used.
  • Increased scal­ing of Leech­ing perks on rings and weapons from a range of 0.5% — 1.5% dam­age con­vert­ed to health on hit to a range of 1% — 5%.
  • Increased the effi­cien­cy of the Free­dom, Vig­or, and Invig­o­rate debuff reduc­tion perks from a range of 3% — 5% based on gear score (GS) to a range of 3% — 8%.
  • Decreased the cooldown of the Keen Speed perk (which grants haste on crit­i­cal hits) from 10s to 5s, and increased haste dura­tion from 2s to 3s.
  • Increased the Poi­son­ing, Blood Let­ting, Burn­ing, Crip­pling, Enfee­bling, and Infect­ed effect dura­tion on ring perks from a range of 3% — 7% to a range of 5% — 15%.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Chain Ele­men­tal perks to dam­age invul­ner­a­ble characters.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Chain Ele­men­tal perks to strike downed or dead targets.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Cor­rupt­ed Bane perk to scale high­er than oth­er Bane perks.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Chain Ele­men­tal perks to trig­ger from the ini­tial impact of the Great Axe Grav­i­ty Well skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Hearty perk was incor­rect­ly giv­ing a bonus to strike damage.
  • Increased the heal­ing bonus of the light equip load from 20% to 30%, and increased the heal­ing bonus for medi­um equip load from 10% to 15%.
  • Jump­ing and tra­ver­sal are now dis­abled when nav­i­ga­tion is dis­abled (such as when hit with a Root effect).
  • Updat­ed the vault cam­era to smooth out the motion.
  • Updat­ed jump in place to allow trans­la­tion while in air.
  • Fixed var­i­ous ani­ma­tion bugs along­side a vari­ety of issues to smooth out gen­er­al navigation.
    • Fixed an issue where attack­ing while slid­ing could cause a play­er to get stuck in an unnat­ur­al slide animation.
    • Fixed an issue where jump­ing could can­cel area of effect (AoE) aim­ing on some abilities.
    • Fixed an issue where tra­vers­ing with autorun had a slight move­ment pause.
    • Fixed an issue where play­er ani­ma­tion appeared to stut­ter when the tran­si­tion to sprint finishes.
    • Fixed an issue where the sprint­ing jump notice­ably slowed the play­er when landing.
    • Fixed an issue where the Shield could fail to sheathe prop­er­ly after queu­ing cer­tain actions.
    • Fixed an issue where weapon swap­ping while gath­er­ing could cause the play­er to not have the cor­rect weapons equipped or per­form attack ani­ma­tions properly.
    • Fixed an issue where play­ers could become unre­spon­sive if they blocked while run­ning and try­ing to crouch.
    • Fixed an issue where drink­ing a con­sum­able while per­form­ing a gath­er­ing action would break the play­er’s con­sum­ing animation.
    • Fixed an issue where the cam­era moved along with crouching/ prone actions if play­er used those but­tons while Har­vest­ing or Skinning.
    • Fixed an issue where spam­ming prone could get weapon sheathe out of sync.
    • Fixed an issue with play­er move­ment issues when attempt­ing to place a camp while mid-air.
    • Fixed an issue allow­ing play­ers to bypass col­li­sion when tak­ing weapon out while prone.
    • Fixed an issue where ani­ma­tions could stut­ter when run­ning after exe­cut­ing mul­ti­ple attacks with cer­tain weapons.
    • Fixed an issue where the play­er was able to clip through out­crop­ping col­li­sion by using cer­tain abil­i­ties while prone.
    • Fixed an issue where play­ers rotat­ed incor­rect­ly when enter­ing sprint from mov­ing back­ward and sprint­ing from Shield Rush.
    • Fixed an issue where autorun would not stop while attempt­ing to place a camp.
    • Fixed an issue where play­ers could use Strength to scale unarmed attacks after prone and jump spam.
    • Fixed an issue where play­ers would some­times become unable to exe­cute heavy attacks out of the prone posi­tion when a mag­ic weapon was equipped.
  • Fixed an exploit by pre­vent­ing gath­er­ing while in duels so play­ers can no longer duel to avoid dura­bil­i­ty dam­age while gathering.
  • Reduced the dam­age reduc­tion pro­vid­ed by the 250 Con­sti­tu­tion bonus from 80% to 60%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 250 Con­sti­tu­tion bonus cooldown to trig­ger on a blocked hit.
  • Fixed a bug that was pre­vent­ing play­ers from dodge can­cel­ing out of attacks dur­ing an ability’s recov­ery win­dow when the 250 strength bonus was active.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing 2H Melee and Mag­ic Staff dodge rolls to have a small­er invul­ner­a­bil­i­ty win­dow than the oth­er weapon types.
  • Fixed incon­sis­tent can­cel tim­ings between dodges of dif­fer­ent weapon types.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a back­wards dodge to result in a small teleport.
  • Fixed an issue that caused play­ers to not take dam­age from an AoE if they dodged into the affect­ed area.
  • Struc­tures are now immune to buffs and debuffs that log­i­cal­ly would­n’t affect the siege weapon and deploy­able structures.
  • Dis­abled play­er col­li­sion on Infer­no Traps due to play­ers occa­sion­al­ly get­ting stuck on them.
  • Made it so play­er cant deal dam­age to oth­er play­ers with weapon abil­i­ties through Fort Gates and War Camp gates.
  • Reduced the pow­er of bat­tle bread from +15% dam­age and defense to +5% dam­age and defense.
  • Reduced the dam­age reduc­tion on the baroness buff from 25% to 15%.
  • Reduced the dam­age and defense on the com­man­der tent from +5%/+7.5%/+15% to +3%/+6%/+9%.
  • Back­stab: Fixed a bug that could cause back­stab to trig­ger when attack­ing play­ers from the front.
  • On Block: Fixed a bug that caused some weapon mas­tery pas­sives that state they trig­ger “On Block” to trig­ger against unblock­able attacks.
  • Cooldown Timers: Fixed an issue where var­i­ous pas­sives and perks cooldown timers were being removed when swap­ping weapons or unequip­ping gear.



Our goal with with some of the changes below is to make the pow­er of Jug­ger­naut weapon mas­tery tree stand out a bit more from the Crowd Crush­er tree, and fun­nel some of the pow­er of Shockwave’s Rend to the Armor Breaker’s Rend.

  • Armor Break­er
    • Last­ing Trau­ma: Increased Rend effec­tive­ness from 15% to 20%
    • Open­ing Act: Increased bonus dam­age from 15% to 25%
    • Adjust­ed Armor Breaker’s hit box to make it eas­i­er to hit ene­mies on inclines or that have been knocked down.
  • Mighty Gav­el
    • Increased dam­age scal­ing from 160% to 170%.
    • Reduced the cooldown from 22s to 20s.
    • Jus­tice For All: Increased dam­age scal­ing from 200% to 220%.
  • Wreck­ing Ball
    • Increased dam­age from 120% to 130%.
    • Safe­ty Mea­sures: Increased For­ti­fy buff dura­tion from 4s to 7s.
  • Clear Out
    • Swing Away: Fixed an issue where this upgrade was less effi­cient when strik­ing mul­ti­ple targets.
  • Shock­wave
    • Sun­der­ing Shock­wave (Item Perk): Reduced the max­i­mum Rend effec­tive­ness from 20% to 10%.
  • Path of Destiny
    • Leech­ing Path Of Des­tiny (Item Perk): Fixed a bug that pre­vent­ed this perk from work­ing when the Stim­u­lat­ed Reduc­tion mod­i­fi­er was equipped.
  • Pas­sives
    • Exhaus­tive Attacks: Increased sta­mi­na regen­er­a­tion penal­ty applied by the Exhaust­ed debuff from 15% to 20%

The pur­pose of the Life Staff adjust­ments are to move some of the heal­ing pow­er into the light and medi­um equip loads while reduc­ing some of the pow­er of the tanky heal­ing builds. We also want to make it eas­i­er to prop­er­ly tar­get and heal the cor­rect group members.

  • Reduced base heal­ing by 20% across the board to account for the increase in heal­ing from equip load
  • Tar­get­ing Adjustments
    • Nor­mal­ized all tar­get­ed heal­ing spells (and tar­get lock-on) to have a max range of 25 meters.
    • Added out of range tar­get­ed heal­ing functionality:
      • Group UI will change col­or when the tar­get is out of range.
      • If the tar­get moves out of range, the spell will can­cel instead of cast­ing tar­get­ing yourself.
      • Try­ing to cast a tar­get­ed heal on an out of range tar­get will dis­play a “tar­get is out of range” notification.
    • Fixed an issue where tar­get­ed heals acti­vat­ed by using the abil­i­ty key would not per­form a direct heal on the intend­ed target.
  • Sacred Ground
    • Fixed an issue where the Life Staff Sacred Ground VFX and tooltip stat­ed it last­ed longer than the actu­al duration.
    • Reduced the effec­tive­ness of the Sacred Ground for­ti­fy perk from 3% — 15% to 3% — 10%.
    • Reduced Holy Ground sta­mi­na and mana regen­er­a­tion from 100% to 50%.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed the heal­ing from this skill to be stacked from mul­ti­ple sources if they were using dif­fer­ent abil­i­ty upgrades.
  • Splash of Light
    • Increased the effi­cien­cy of Life Staff’s Splash of Light abil­i­ty from 40% to 60%.
    • Increased the effi­cien­cy of Splash of Light’s Shared Recov­ery Upgrade from 3% to 5%.
  • Orb of Protection
    • Fixed an issue where the Shared Pro­tec­tion effect was being refreshed by the heal­ing applied by Pro­tec­tor’s Blessing.
    • Mend­ing Pro­tec­tion (Item Perk): This perk’s func­tion­al­i­ty has been changed. Instead of trig­ger­ing if the tar­get does not have any active buffs, it now trig­gers if the tar­get healed by Orb of Pro­tec­tion is under 50% health.
  • Light’s Embrace
    • Increased the effi­cien­cy of Light’s Embrace Con­nec­tion Upgrade from 1% to 2%.
  • Pas­sives
    • Blessed (Item Perk): Reduced heal­ing bonus effec­tive­ness from a range of 10% — 30% to a range of 5% — 20%.

We want­ed to buff the Throw­ing Axe tree to make it more use­ful, buff the Infect­ed Throw abil­i­ty to make it more viable as an anti-heal­ing abil­i­ty, and improve the buffer­ing for heavy attacks to make them more con­sis­tent to use. We also worked to resolve issues that result­ed in missed hits.

  • Gen­er­al
    • Fixed an issue where Aimed Throw could be used to can­cel basic attacks at any time.
    • Fixed an issue caus­ing heavy attacks to not buffer prop­er­ly, result­ing in some attack tran­si­tions not functioning.
    • Fixed an issue caus­ing player’s homed in on a tar­get, the play­er would be moved to a spot far enough away from the tar­get that the hits could miss due to the hit­box sizes being a bit small­er than the dis­tance the play­er would be from the target.
  • Berserk
    • Fixed an issue where acti­vat­ing Berserk would con­sume the Relent­less Fury and Accu­mu­lat­ed Pow­er empow­er buffs.
  • Fer­al Rush
    • Fixed an issue where Fer­al Rush could be trig­gered with­out a cooldown in settlements.
  • Rag­ing Torrent
    • Fixed an issue where some attacks could miss.
  • Infect­ed Throw
    • Increased dis­ease and weak­ness dura­tion from 5s to 10s.
    • Mor­tal Pow­er: Increased bonus dura­tion on low health tar­gets from 8s to 15s.
    • Aer­i­al Trans­mis­sion: Increased the dura­tion of the AoE cloud from 3s to 6s.
  • Rend­ing Throw
    • Reduced cooldown from 15s to 8s.
  • Defy Death
    • Fixed an issue where the Defy Death ulti­mate cooldown timer was removed when a play­er died.
  • Reap
    • Fixed an issue with the great axe reap incor­rect­ly trig­ger­ing a break­out dodge.
  • Grav­i­ty Well
    • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Grav­i­ty Well’s slow effect to not always be removed if a play­er was able to get out of the effect area, result­ing in the effect last­ing up to 2s longer than intended.
    • Fixed issue where the Grav­i­ty Well tooltip wasn’t list­ing the melee dam­age caused by the abil­i­ty if Grav­i­ty Well is used in close prox­im­i­ty to a target.
  • Whirl­wind
    • Added Grit to Whirlwind.
    • For­ti­fy­ing Whirl­wind (Item Perk): Fixed an issue where this perk applied too many stacks of Fortify.
  • Pas­sives
    • Heavy Pull: Fixed an issue where heavy attacks had incor­rect hit box­es when this pas­sive was equipped.
    • The Grav­i­ty pas­sive no longer increas­es the dura­tion of all pulls. We updat­ed the abil­i­ty to now apply Root for 0.25s to tar­gets hit by a pull.
  • Bow Pri­ma­ry Attack
    • Fixed an issue that allowed con­sec­u­tive pri­ma­ry attacks to be fired faster than intended.
  • Updat­ed descrip­tions for Rain of Arrows, Poi­son Shot and Splin­ter Shot to indi­cate that they can­not headshot.
  • Fixed an issue with sev­er­al Bow abil­i­ties not ben­e­fit­ing from increased dam­age from high­er tier arrows.
  • Evade Shot
    • Go the Dis­tance: This upgrade now applies haste at the end of the abil­i­ty, rather than at the start, so that the buff dura­tion is not par­tial­ly lost dur­ing the skill animation.
  • Poi­son Shot
    • Reduced cooldown of Poi­son Shot from 35s to 30s.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Poi­son Shot to go on cooldown with­out the abil­i­ty being fired.
  • Rapid Shot
    • Reduced cooldown from 20s to 14s.
    • Rapid Accu­ra­cy: Fixed an issue where this upgrade would not reduce the cooldown if the last arrow of Rapid Shot killed the enemy.
  • Rain of Arrows
    • Rain of Arrows no longer hits ene­mies through doors.
  • Pas­sives
    • Fixed an issue where hip-fir­ing with the bow was trig­ger­ing the Height­ened Pre­ci­sion pas­sive from the Mus­ket abil­i­ty tree.

Our main goal of the Sword/Shield updates were to make the Leap­ing Strike abil­i­ty feel bet­ter and to improve the buffer­ing for heavy attacks to make them more consistent.

  • Fixed an issue where basic attack buffers and can­cels weren’t work­ing prop­er­ly dur­ing the Sword heavy attack.
  • Fixed an issue where the ful­ly-charged Sword heavy attack had dif­fer­ent tim­ings than the reg­u­lar heavy attack.
  • Shield Rush
    • Improved Rush: Increased Weak­en dura­tion from 4s to 10s.
  • Leap­ing Strike
    • Reduced cooldown from 25s to 18s.
    • Increased dam­age scal­ing from 135% to 150%.
    • Sped up the recov­ery after using Leap­ing Strike to make it eas­i­er to tran­si­tion into oth­er attacks.
    • Cow­ard­ly Pun­ish­ment: Updat­ed the descrip­tion to include the slow per­cent­age value.

We updat­ed the Fire Staff to reduce some of the effec­tive­ness of stan­dard attacks due to how pow­er­ful they felt in com­par­i­son to cer­tain abil­i­ties, and updat­ed some abil­i­ties to feel more impactful.

  • Pil­lar of Fire
    • Increased dam­age scal­ing from134% to 170%.
    • Fixed an issue where Pil­lar of Fire tar­gets the cast­er when acti­vat­ed using the abil­i­ty key.
    • Fixed an issue where Pil­lar of Fire failed to trig­ger Runes of Helios when acti­vat­ed using the abil­i­ty key.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Pil­lar Of Fire to hit twice against tar­gets near the edge of the effect radius.
  • Mete­or Shower
    • Fixed an issue where Runes of Helios trig­gered on tar­get­ing Mete­or Show­er rather than on cast­ing it.
  • Fire­ball
    • Added addi­tion­al clar­i­ty that the Fire­ball abil­i­ty is not able to crit. Pre­vi­ous­ly it would show the crit dam­age col­or, but not actu­al­ly deal increased dam­age. It will no longer show orange dam­age num­bers, and an addi­tion­al tooltip was added.
  • Flame Throw­er
    • Increase dam­age scal­ing from 34% to 50%.
  • Pas­sives
    • Clear Cast­ing: Reduced dam­age bonus from 10% to 5%.
    • Clear Mind: Reduced empow­er effec­tive­ness from 10% to 5%.
    • Runes of Helios: Reduced dam­age bonus from 30% to 25%.
    • Prophet of a Fire God: Reduced crit dam­age bonus from 20% to 15%.
    • Spell­slinger:
      • Reduced the crit chance bonus from 15% to 10%.
      • Fixed an issue where crit chance was increased for stan­dard attacks and not just abilities.
    • Pyro­ma­nia: Reduced dam­age bonus from 20% to 15%.
    • Kin­dle: Fixed an issue caus­ing Kin­dle to increase buff dura­tion by the incor­rect amount.
    • Reheat: Reduced the time (with­out acti­vat­ing an abil­i­ty) to trig­ger Reheat from 6s to 4s.
    • Updat­ed the Singe and Watch it Burn pas­sives to mix up the functionality:
      • Singe went from inflict­ing Burn on crit­i­cal hits to trig­ger­ing Burn on light attacks.
      • Watch it Burn now inflicts burn on crit­i­cal hits from abil­i­ties only.

Our goal was to buff and adjust some of the less­er-used abil­i­ties to make a wider selec­tion of abil­i­ties feel viable.

  • Adjust­ed the dis­tance the play­er moved towards the tar­get when doing a heavy attack. The heavy attack was pulling the user too close pre­vi­ous­ly, result­ing in the Dead­ly Reach pas­sive not being able to trig­ger consistently.
  • Sweep
    • Coup de Grace:
      • Increased dam­age scal­ing from 125% to 150%.
      • This attack is now flagged as Heavy, allow­ing it to trig­ger Heavy-relat­ed passives.
  • Skew­er
    • Increased bleed dam­age from 10% to 20%
  • Per­fo­rate
    • Increased dam­age scal­ing from 70% to 80%
    • Fixed a bug which caused the pas­sive Con­tin­u­ous Motion to not reduce the cooldown of Perforate.
  • Cyclone
    • Increased dam­age scal­ing from 110% to 130%
  • Vault Kick
    • Fixed an issue where Vault Kick’s cooldown began 1 frame before the hit­box would appear. This result­ed in the abil­i­ty going on cooldown if the attack was inter­rupt­ed ear­ly, even if it didn’t hit.

Our goal with the Ice Gaunt­let was to tone down the effec­tive­ness of some of the maxed out com­bi­na­tions of abil­i­ties while still main­tain­ing their indi­vid­ual usefulness.

  • Heavy Attack — Increased heavy attack start up and recov­ery time to make it con­sis­tent with oth­er mag­ic weapons heavy attack timing.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Gaunt­let move­ment while attack­ing was faster than oth­er mag­ic weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where basic attacks on the Ice Gaunt­let could some­times shoot through an ene­my with­out deal­ing dam­age if they were too close.
  • Ice Storm
    • Increased time between dam­age ticks from 0.25s to 0.33s
    • Fixed an issue where Ice Storm did no dam­age if the play­er had the Unend­ing Thaw item perk.
    • Fixed an issue where Ice Storm did­n’t do dam­age to ene­mies immune to slow.
    • Fixed an issue where Ice Storm stopped if the cast­er swapped to their oth­er active weapon.
  • Ice Spike
    • Fixed an issue where Ice Spike dis­played a cast timer despite being cast instantly.
  • Wind Chill
    • Increased dam­age scal­ing per tick from 16% to 20%.
  • Ice Show­er
    • Increased cooldown from 20s to 30s.
  • Entombed
    • Entombed play­ers can no longer be healed.
    • Reduced health of the Tomb to 50% of play­ers max health.
    • Reduced dam­age of break­out burst attack from 168% to 70%.
    • Fixed an issue where invul­ner­a­bil­i­ty on Entomb could be removed while the Tomb was still active.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed play­ers to move while Entombed after dying.
  • Ice Pylon
    • Increased Pylon health by 20%.
    • Added a max life­time of 45 sec­onds to the Ice Pylon.
    • Fixed an issue where Ice Pylon could con­sume mana but wouldn’t acti­vate on slopes, ter­rain, or off a ledge.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed play­ers to place mul­ti­ple Ice Pylons at a time by dying and being revived.
    • Fixed an issue with the Ice Pylon tar­get­ing neu­tral play­ers or AI ene­mies dur­ing a 1v1 Duel.
  • Pas­sives
    • Ulti­mate Chill
      • Reduced Ulti­mate Chill’s bonus dam­age from 35% to 25%.
      • Fixed an issue where Ulti­mate Chill’s abil­i­ty would not apply to ene­mies in some cases.
      • Updat­ed Ulti­mate Chill tooltip word­ing to bet­ter clar­i­fy its functionality.
    • Crit­i­cal Frost: Reduced crit­i­cal change bonus from 20% to 15%.
    • Ener­gized Crit­i­cal: Reduced crit­i­cal dam­age bonus from 15% to 10%.
    • Heavy Freeze
      • Added a 5 sec­ond cooldown to the freeze effect.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed ene­mies with this pas­sive to root play­ers stand­ing in their own Ice Storm.
    • Fixed an issue where the Iced Refresh item perk could acti­vate on both down­ing and killing a play­er. Now it trig­gers only on downing.
  • Fixed an issue where Ton­do, Flour­ish, and Fleche had their cooldown begin 1 frame before the hit­box would appear. This result­ed in the abil­i­ties going on cooldown if the attack was inter­rupt­ed ear­ly even if it did not hit.
  • Flur­ry
    • Improved the hom­ing of Flur­ry to fix an issue where sub­se­quent attacks would fre­quent­ly miss or be hard to hit.
    • Over­whelm: Fixed an issue where this upgrade was incor­rect­ly apply­ing sta­mi­na dam­age instead of just block damage.
  • Ton­do
    • Reduced cooldown from 11s to 6s.
    • And Again: Fixed an issue that caused this upgrade to only func­tion on block­ing targets.
  • Riposte
    • Cooldown reduced from 20s to 12s.
    • Base Stun dura­tion increased from 1.5s to 2s.
    • Last­ing Con­se­quence: Stun dura­tion increased from 2s to 2.5s
  • Pas­sives
    • Momen­tum: Increased bonus dam­age from 25% to 30%.
    • Swift­ness: Fixed an issue where this pas­sive was grant­i­ng haste from bleed dam­age ticks instead of actu­al weapon hits.

Sim­i­lar to the bal­ance updates of oth­er weapons, our goal was to buff and adjust some of the less­er-used abil­i­ties to make a wider selec­tion of abil­i­ties feel viable.

  • Increased Mus­ket base dam­age by 2.5%
  • Fixed an issue where the Mus­ket could not be reloaded after dodge rolling then trig­ger­ing autorun.
  • Fixed an issue where reload­ing would not auto­mat­i­cal­ly resume after an inter­rup­tion when the play­er was aiming.
  • Fixed an issue where mus­ket over­charged shots were not being con­sumed while hip-fir­ing when crouched.
  • Traps
    • Traps can no longer can be trig­gered by play­ers in Death’s Door.
  • Sticky Bomb
    • Increased dam­age from 175% to 235%.
  • Stop­ping Power
    • Reduced cooldown from 18s to 15s.
  • Pow­er Shot
    • Reduced cooldown from 15s to 12s.
  • Shooter’s Stance
    • Reduced cooldown from 20s to 18s.
    • Play­ers can now exit Shooter’s Stance by press­ing sprint, the abil­i­ty key, dodge, Esc, or releas­ing RMB.
  • Crit­i­cal Reload
    • Fixed an issue that caused this pas­sive to func­tion inconsistently.


  • New AI enemies
    • New Lost enemies
      • With­ered Swarmancer
      • With­ered Beetle
      • Lost Shaman
      • Lost Alli­ga­tor Pet
    • Ancient Guardian
      • Skele­ton Mage
  • Cor­rupt­ed Vil­lager Updates
    • The Strong Cor­rupt­ed Labor­er has put down his pick­axe and picked up some weights— now look­ing larg­er than ever.
    • Vil­lagers have had their attack sets reviewed and reworked to bet­ter dif­fer­en­ti­ate them.
  • Gen­er­al
    • Fixed an issue where AI could some­times get pushed to invalid areas caus­ing them to die.
    • Fixed an issue that caused health potions to gen­er­ate threat.
    • Fixed an issue that caused AI to become unre­spon­sive if a large quan­ti­ty of play­ers were nearby.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause some objects spawned by boss­es to not always despawn when intended.
    • Added hit vol­umes at the feet of all Brute ene­mies to ensure attacks from play­ers more con­sis­tent­ly register.
    • Elite Affix­es
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing slow areas dropped by the Slimy mod­i­fi­er to fall through mul­ti-floor buildings.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing Pha­lanx and Slow aura to some­times attach to an enemy’s feet and move erratically.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing Slicer to hit a much larg­er area than intended.
    • Cor­rupt­ed Breaches
      • Fixed an issue where Breach­es could sud­den­ly dis­ap­pear mid-fight.
      • Fixed an issue that could some­times cause ene­mies to not despawn after a Breach was completed.
    • Out­post Rush
      • Fixed an issue that could cause bears to attack the wrong gate if both gates were upgrad­ed to tier 3.
    • Inva­sion
      • Fixed an issue that allowed play­ers to body block the Spriggan.
      • Reduced the dam­age of the Inva­sion Sprig­gan by 20% across the board.
      • Reduced the dam­age the Inva­sion Sprig­gan deals to struc­tures by 50%.
  • Ancient Guardian
    • Ancient Mage
      • The Ancient Mage is no longer immune to stuns.
      • Reduced the dam­age of the Ancient Mage’s close range Blast­away spell.
      • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing some Ancient Guardian AI from prop­er­ly retreating.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing some Ancient Guardian AI to strafe indefinitely.
  • Angry Earth
    • Dryad Archer
      • Dryad Archer’s leap­ing spread shot should now more con­sis­tent­ly hit the player.
    • Dryad Prowler
      • Fixed an issue that made Prowler “T‑pose” when hit by some attacks.
  • Cor­rupt­ed
    • Cor­rupt­ed Acolyte
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing Cor­rupt­ed Acolytes to be immune to crowd con­trol effects.
    • Dynasty Trainee
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Dynasty Trainee to not deal damage.
    • Cor­rupt­ed Commander
      • Fixed an issue that could cause the Com­man­der to repeat­ed­ly do his dash attack.
    • Yonas the Corrupted
      • Reduced the mod­el size of Yonas the Corrupted.
      • Reduced the self heal­ing on Yonas so he is more man­age­able encounter for a sin­gle player.
    • Dynasty Sum­mon­er
      • Fixed an issue mak­ing the Dynasty Sum­mon­er heal for sig­nif­i­cant­ly more health than intend­ed dur­ing his retreat.
    • Cor­rupt­ed Villagers
      • Fixed an issue that allowed Cor­rupt­ed Vil­lagers to chase play­ers forever.
    • Void Destroy­er
      • Fixed an issue allow­ing the Void Destroyer’s laser to shoot play­ers through the fort’s wall.
  • Lost
    • Lost Porter
      • Fixed an issue that caused Lost Porters to be unable to cor­rect­ly retreat.
    • Drowned Sailors
      • Fixed an issue that allowed Sword & Shield Drowned to block while using com­bo attacks.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Drowned Mariners to get stuck on geometry.
    • Pis­toleer
      • Fixed an issue where the Pis­toleer would use melee attacks to attack out-of-range tar­gets. The Pis­toleer will now bet­ter use its ranged attacks.
    • With­ered
      • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing With­ered ene­mies from killing play­ers in Death’s Door.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause the With­ered Grunt to get its head stuck in a fence.
    • Brutes
      • Fixed an issue with height of Brute char­ac­ters that allowed them to get stuck in doorways.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Pirate Brute’s can­non to get stuck to his hand if stag­gered while in a can­non attack.
  • Wildlife
    • Boars
      • Fixed an issue that would cause Boars to behave errat­i­cal­ly if a play­er shot a pro­jec­tile near them.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing boars to instant­ly turn rather than smooth­ly turn­ing while walking.
      • Fixed an issue with the hit vol­umes on large boars so they can be hit more con­sis­tent­ly by attacks.
    • Alli­ga­tors
      • Fixed an issue where Alli­ga­tors could get stuck try­ing to attack play­ers who are above them.
    • Elk
      • Fixed an issue where Elk could get stuck in door­ways or inside buildings.
    • Pea­cocks
      • Fixed an issue where Pea­cock kills were count­ing as Turkey kills.
    • Bears
      • Fixed an issue where the left and right reac­tion for Bears was reversed.
      • Reduced vis­i­ble reac­tion hits on Bears when staggered.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Bears to get stuck in trees.
    • Cats
      • Dis­abled Cats abil­i­ty to look at and track the play­er with their head when stunned.
    • Wolf
      • Tuned the lunge attack on some wolves to have a small­er hom­ing angle and to give play­ers a more con­sis­tent win­dow of time to dodge the attack.
      • Toned down the play­er reac­tion to wolf attacks so that play­ers are now pushed more smooth­ly instead of snap­ping to a new location.
    • Stan­ley
      • Resolved a behav­ioral issue some­times allow­ing Stan­ley to get stuck run­ning in place.
  • Amrine Exca­va­tion
    • Simon Grey
      • Adjust­ed Simon’s affix­es to always be the same sta­t­ic effects between each spawn.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing him to not pause sum­mon­ing min­ions after all of his min­ions are killed.
    • Fore­man Nakashima
      • Adjust­ed Nakashima’s affix­es to always be the same sta­t­ic effects between each spawn.
  • The Depths
    • Archdea­con Azamela
      • Fixed an issue allow­ing his hounds to be repeat­ed­ly killed for expe­ri­ence and loot.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing hounds to not play prop­er spawn animations.
      • Fixed a rare issue where Aza­mela would try to attack play­ers out­side of his arena.
      • Fixed an issue where the tele­porters could be left on after a team wipe.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing tele­port VFX to not apply to the player.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing his obelisks to not show beam VFX.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed the Cor­rupt­ed Cara­pace over Cap­tain Thorpe’s tele­porter to be dam­age­able by enemies.
    • Fixed an issue that made Sker­ryshiv Acolyte ene­mies immune to all crowd con­trol debuffs.
  • Dynasty Ship­yard
    • Com­man­der Chen
      • Tight­ened up Com­man­der Chen’s dam­age vol­umes so that he deals more con­sis­tent dam­age in the expect­ed locations.
    • Isabella’s Pets
      • Fixed an issue where Isabel­la wouldn’t look at the play­er she was tar­get­ing with her pis­tol shot.
      • Fixed an issue where the death of Isabella’s tigers could empow­er the AI out­side of the arena.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing Isabel­la to only deal strike damage.
    • Empress
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Drag­on Breath spell to kill play­ers in Death’s Door.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing Pearl Pedestals to con­tin­ue cast­ing even after death.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing Pearl Pedestal’s hit­box to be too high.
      • Adjust­ed tim­ing on Drag­on Dive so that it is less like­ly to hit play­ers before the visu­al appears.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing Cor­rup­tion Blast to be dif­fi­cult to block for play­ers who are very close (such as the group’s tank).
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Empress to be vul­ner­a­ble to dam­age dur­ing spe­cif­ic ani­ma­tions while in phase 2.
  • Gar­den of Genesis
    • Allu­vi­um Marl
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing his min­ions to be lev­el 57 instead of 66.
      • Fixed an issue caus­ing Alluvium’s Dive attack to some­times deal no damage.
      • Fixed an issue that could some­times cause play­ers to become stuck in Allu­vi­um Marl’s Root Are­na wall.
    • Blight­ed Greenskeeper
      • Fixed an issue pre­vent­ing the small poi­son pools from deal­ing prop­er damage.
      • Reduced dam­age of Siren Scream by 15%.
  • Lazarus Instru­men­tal­i­ty
    • Cil­la
      • Fixed an issue where Cilla’s staff phase would last too long, caus­ing the con­duits to become out of sync with her Arcane Might stacks.
    • Chardis
      • Fixed a rare issue that allowed Chardis’ beam to con­tin­ue after all play­ers were dead.
      • Slight­ly increased the dam­age vol­ume size in Chardis’ armpits for more con­sis­tent hits.
      • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed Chardis from tak­ing bonus dam­age from the Ancient Bane perk.
      • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed the Ice Gauntlet’s “Entomb” from being dam­aged by Chardis’ laser.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed Chardis to be dam­aged by throw­ing hatch­ets from out­side of his arena.
      • Fixed sev­er­al issues that pre­vent­ed Chardis and his Lazarus Orbs from being dam­aged by play­er abilities.
  • Avarice
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Avarice’s min­ions to drop loot.
  • Baines
    • Reduced the mod­el size of Baines.


  • Fac­tion Change Cooldown has been reduced to 60 days (down from 120).
  • Repair Kit Weight has been reduced from 2.0 to 0.1. We felt 2.0 was too heavy and 0.1 is not very heavy at all. It should be easy to keep a few at the ready in your back-pocket.
  • Added the item Chunk of Con­se­crat­ed Iron to the top rank of the Fac­tion Shop for all fac­tions. Chunks of Con­se­crat­ed Iron are used to craft the Resilient perk for armor items.


  • All Trad­ing Posts have been linked.
    • Both the list­ing tax and pur­chase tax will be paid to the ter­ri­to­ry where the buy or sell order was listed.
    • Items list­ed in sell orders that expire are returned to the Set­tle­ment from which they were posted.
  • It is no longer pos­si­ble to place items on the trad­ing post for 28 days. The max­i­mum is now 14 days.
  • Reduced Dura­bil­i­ty lost from PvP deaths by 10%.
  • Reduced the quan­ti­ty of hon­ey gained from api­aries by 50% and the amount of milk from cows by 65%. Hon­ey trees are unaf­fect­ed by this change. We made this change because the vol­ume of milk and hon­ey in the world is high­er than our ini­tial esti­mates. The bees and cows are hap­py about this change.
  • Hous­ing tax­es are now due every 7 days instead of every 5 days. No changes to cost, so play­ers will gain 2 days of hous­ing time with­out an increase to their taxes.


  • Reduced Ter­ri­to­ry Stand­ing gains from Cook­ing, as they were a bit more gen­er­ous when com­pared to sim­i­lar efforts put into oth­er Craft­ing Trade Skills.
  • Updat­ed a Harplass Home­stead town project to now require 1 mis­sion item instead of 5.
  • Increased the XP require­ments for pro­gress­ing Craft­ing Trade Skills.
    • Once play­ers unlock a new tier of recipes (e.g. Iron > Steel), the XP require­ments to con­tin­ue pro­gress­ing by just craft­ing things at the pre­vi­ous tier will be sig­nif­i­cant­ly dimin­ished. How­ev­er, it should still take the same amount of effort to progress the craft­ing skill if you craft items in the high­est tier you are capa­ble of crafting.


  • Potion Craft­ing Update
    • We felt that some of the high­er-tier core potions (par­tic­u­lar­ly Health Potions and Mana Potions) were a lit­tle too dif­fi­cult to craft, so we updat­ed the recipes to craft these items and intro­duced a new alchem­i­cal com­po­nent to do so: Alkahest.
    • Alka­h­est is craft­ed by dis­till­ing the mag­i­cal herbs found through­out Aeter­num and serves as a reli­able and potent base for potions going forward.
  • Rare Resources from Gath­er­ing Nodes
    • Thanks to reports in the forums, we found a prob­a­bil­i­ty issue with rare resources from T2/3/4 gath­er­ing nodes and resolved it. Thanks to every­one who con­tributes to mak­ing New World bet­ter with your reports!
    • The short ver­sion is we had a cou­ple of prob­a­bil­i­ties that were mul­ti­ply­ing each oth­er result­ing in a near-zero chance of some already-rare items drop­ping. This com­bined with an issue that could make it next to impos­si­ble for an item to drop if your luck val­ues were too high (not exact­ly how luck should work!), which trans­lat­ed into a “luck sweet spot” that you had to be in to even have a chance (that near-zero chance) at get­ting a drop.
    • With this fix, things like Fae Iron, Void­met­al, Phase­fiber, and Pet­ri­fied Wood should now have an appro­pri­ate chance to drop after you reach a cer­tain Trade Skill level.
      • This chance can be increased by eat­ing the appro­pri­ate Trade Skill when gathering.
      • Trade Skill foods also enables the pos­si­bil­i­ty for these to drop before you would ordi­nar­i­ly be able to receive them based on your Trade Skill lev­el alone, albeit at a very rare rate.
  • Fish­ing
    • Open­ing fish­ing mis­sion now requires 3 wood­louse bait instead of 5.


  • Added sev­er­al new named items as spe­cial drops from named Knights found in the world. Knights that are quest tar­gets don’t have spe­cial drops.
  • Added a new style of weapons that drop from the Knight ene­my type.
  • Rook’s Defense Tow­er Shield now has a tow­er shield appear­ance instead of a kite shield appearance.
  • Added a set of weapons designed by the par­tic­i­pants of the Bat­tle for New World event. These weapons are Tier 5 and capa­ble of being Leg­endary if they roll a Gear Score of 600.


  • Play­ers can no longer cre­ate buy orders for items that can­not exist.
  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing bread and cheese baits from being craftable at Kitchens.
  • Play­ers can no longer post sell orders when their stor­age is full.
  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing Boars and Alli­ga­tors to grant more Skin­ning XP than intended.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause play­ers to come across bags of dis­card­ed items not belong­ing to them and couldn’t be cor­rect­ly inter­act­ed with.
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed Town Project mis­sion items from reset­ting the mission’s state when dropped.
  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing quick left-mouse but­ton (LMB) taps when reel­ing in a fish to cause the reel­ing to hap­pen auto­mat­i­cal­ly, which could make it very dif­fi­cult to con­trol the line tension.
  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing high­er-tier com­mon items to drop from cer­tain low lev­el enemies.
  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing small and large Starmet­al and Orichal­cum veins to give the oppo­site amount of ore when mined.
  • Fixed an issue with a Syn­di­cate armor piece that was caus­ing it to have a much high­er gear score (and by exten­sion, lev­el require­ment) than it should. Please note that this fix will affect exist­ing instances of that item.
  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing Gold and Plat­inum ingots to require a Smelter one tier high­er than they should.
  • Fixed an issue that was caus­ing some named craft­ed items to present as Leg­endary but craft as Epic. Now they should appro­pri­ate pre­set as Epic.
  • Fixed an issue that was allow­ing Fire Staves to be craft­ed with unre­fined woods.
  • Added new craft mods to the game to account for a small num­ber of perks that could roll on items but were unable to be assigned in crafting.
  • Fixed an issue where some craft mods were drop­ping in game but were unable to be trad­ed on the Trad­ing Post. Sim­i­lar­ly, the Trad­ing Post list­ed some craft mods that were dep­re­cat­ed and not drop­ping – these have also been removed as list-able on the Trad­ing Post.
  • We removed some dep­re­cat­ed and non­func­tion­al craft mods from drop lists. If you pos­sessed one of these items, it has been changed to a dif­fer­ent, func­tion­al item:
    • Starmet­al Arcan­ist’s Charm has been con­vert­ed to Steel Arcan­ist­s’s Charm.
    • Starmet­al Armor­er’s Charm has been con­vert­ed to Steel Armor­er’s Charm.
    • Starmet­al Chef’s Charm has been con­vert­ed to Steel Chef’s Charm.
    • Sliv­er of Cor­rupt­ed Mat­ter has been con­vert­ed to Shard of Cor­rupt­ed Matter.
    • Starmet­al Jew­el­crafter’s Charm has been con­vert­ed to Steel Jew­el­crafter’s Charm.
    • Orichal­cum Trav­el­er’s Charm has been con­vert­ed to Starmet­al Trav­el­er’s Charm.
    • Drop of Vis­cous Azoth has been con­vert­ed to Vial of Vis­cous Azoth.
    • Squirm­ing Vines has been con­vert­ed to Tan­gle of Writhing Briar.
    • Writhing Vines has been con­vert­ed to Clump of Writhing Briar.
    • Thrash­ing Vines has been con­vert­ed to Clump of Writhing Briar.
    • Shard of Wyrd­wood Resin has been con­vert­ed to Resin Shavings.
    • Chunk of Wyrd­wood Resin has been con­vert­ed to Resin Shavings.
    • Vial of Wyrd­wood Sap has been con­vert­ed to Vial of Sap.
    • Draught of Wyrd­wood Sap has been con­vert­ed to Draught of Sap.
  • Fixed an issue that caused attribute mods to not be usable as an ingre­di­ent when craft­ing repair kits.
  • Fixed an issue that caused repair kits to charge a coin fee when used.
  • Fixed an issue that caused cer­tain pieces of Weapon-smithing armors to not drop (Chest/Pants).



  • Play­ers can now indi­vid­u­al­ly block com­pa­ny invites, group invites, friend invites, coin trans­fer, trade requests, duel requests and chat direct messages.
  • Choos­ing the full “Do Not Dis­turb” will turn of all in-com­ing notifications.
  • Added noti­fi­ca­tions to the send­ing play­er to let them know their invites or requests are block­ing when send­ing to a play­er active­ly using stream­er mode.


  • Added a tooltip on dam­aged gear indi­ca­tor explain­ing how to repair.
    • Added the dam­aged gear indi­ca­tor to the inven­to­ry screen when a play­er has dam­aged gear.
  • Added a tuto­r­i­al pop-up to bet­ter explain repair parts.
  • High­light­ed “Repair All” and “Repair” but­tons to make them clearer.


  • We now pre­vent play­ers from lock­ing in play­er-to-play­er trades that would result in inven­to­ry overflow.
  • Play­ers near the coin cap are pre­vent­ed from doing trades that would cause one play­er to exceed the cap and there­fore lose coin.
  • Added a quest icon and high­light ani­ma­tions to craft­ing items that are required for quests.
  • Fixed a bug that caused titles to be reset after each game update.
  • Added prop­er icons to a num­ber of items that were miss­ing icons in the Trad­ing Post.
  • Leav­ing a group dur­ing a War caused you to leave the War with­out warn­ing. Play­ers can no longer leave groups dur­ing War, but they can leave the War after con­firm­ing they want to do so.
  • Fixed a bug where some­times the tier of craft­ing and refin­ing sta­tions shown on the map fly­out were wrong.
  • Added a con­fir­ma­tion prompt when attempt­ing to “Take All” from the stor­age shed to avoid annoy­ing acci­den­tal misclicks.
  • We now show an icon to mem­bers of your own fac­tion when they are flagged. This should help play­ers deter­mine if they have near­by rein­force­ments or suf­fi­cient num­bers for a PvP engagement.
  • Upcom­ing War and Inva­sion tooltip on the map will now remain closed and not reap­pear when you open the map if you’ve closed the noti­fi­ca­tion, until the next War or Invasion.
  • If for­eign lan­guage strings are miss­ing, it will no longer show debug strings, it will show the Eng­lish text instead for bet­ter context.
  • Fixed an issue where chests in Lazarus Instru­men­tal­i­ty and Gar­den of Gen­e­sis were not prop­er­ly con­tribut­ing to the high water mark system.
  • Fixed issues pre­vent­ing Gear Score 600 Arcana Weapons from being crafted.
  • T5 Weapon Smithing pants now drop from the named ene­my “Entropy” which enables play­ers to com­plete their full set of Weapon Smithing apparel.
  • Increased coin gained from Expe­di­tion boss­es start­ing in Star­stone by 25%, and ramp­ing up to endgame Expe­di­tion boss­es grant­i­ng an addi­tion­al 100%.
I am a Platinum lover and an ex- Cod-aholic. I've been playing games since I was 5 years old and I refuse to quit, despite my mother's attempts to get me to. God of War and its successors are my all time favorite games.

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