Ama­zon’s new MMO New World recent­ly launched, and the game is doing real­ly well. Play­ers have also dis­cov­ered that there are some char­ac­ter names are not allowed. How­ev­er, they’re not just the typ­i­cal offen­sive names you might expect.

It seems that New World play­ers are for­bid­den from putting “Bezos” or Ama­zon” in their char­ac­ter names. PC Gamer tried to cre­ate a char­ac­ter named “Jeff Bezos’ Wal­let” and “Union­ize Ama­zon,” but they were blocked. The site reports that any men­tion of “Bezos” or “Ama­zon” in a play­er name is sim­ply not allowed, and that includes variations.

These names are not tak­en, as the game would tell you “this name is in use” when cre­at­ing a char­ac­ter with a name already taken.

Of course, there is always those cre­ative play­ers who man­age to get around these lim­i­ta­tions. PC Gamer found some­one who cre­at­ed a char­ac­ter called “Beff Jezos.” Some­one else made a char­ac­ter name “Jef­frieBe­zos,” with the char­ac­ter mod­el based off the billionaire.

New World launched on Sep­tem­ber 28th and reached more than 700,000 con­cur­rent play­ers on Steam rather quick­ly. This pop­u­lar­i­ty caused some serv­er issues, which have since been addressed by Ama­zon Game Stu­dios. The devel­op­ers also told con­sole play­ers that the game may nev­er end up on their respec­tive plat­forms.