New This Week on GTA Online: Smugglers Run

Rock­star is giv­ing tons of bonus­es this week for cer­tain mis­sions regard­ing Smug­glers. There are no new modes or vehi­cles, which typ­i­cal­ly hap­pens every week. Of course, there is plen­ty of dis­counts and even a free skin. 


Smug­gler’s Run Sell Mis­sions will grant you Dou­ble GTA$ and RP from today through April 30th. Stock­pile will deliv­er dou­ble rewards dur­ing the same time. 

There is also an extend­ed dou­ble pay­out for The Vespuc­ci Job. Hotring Cir­cuit is giv­ing Dou­ble GTA$ and RP this week as well.

Dou­ble GTA$ and RP This Week

  • Hotring Cir­cuit
  • Smug­gler’s Run Sell Missions
  • Stock­pile
  • The Vespuc­ci Job 
Login Unlock

New This Week on GTA Online: Smugglers Run

Since it is Smug­gler’s Week, bust out the Anti-Air­craft Trail­er to take down those fly­ing car­gos. Log­ging in will guar­an­tee you the Skulls Liv­ery for the Trail­er, from now until April 30th.

Smuggler’s Discounts

To get your smug­gling off on a good foot, all Hangars and Hangar Work­shops are 40%. There’s also dis­counts on mul­ti­ple air­craft and sev­er­al vehi­cles. All dis­counts run from today through the 30th:

Air­craft (Buy it now & Trade in Price)

  • Nagasa­ki Ultra­light – 40% off
  • Nagasa­ki Havok – 40% off
  • LF-22 Star­ling – 40% off
  • Mam­moth Mogul – 40% off 
  • Mam­moth Tula – 40% off
  • RM-10 Bom­bush­ka – 40% off 
  • P‑45 Noko­ta – 40% off
  • Buck­ing­ham Pyro – 40% off
  • Buck­ing­ham Howard NX-25 – 40% off

Super and Sports Clas­sic Cars 

  • Grot­ti Visione – 30% off
  • Coil Cyclone – 30% off
  • Vapid Ret­inue – 30% off

Vehi­cle Upgrades & Customization

  • Coun­ter­mea­sures – 25% off
  • Air­craft Weapons – 25% off
  • Air­craft Han­dling – 25% off
  • Vehi­cle Brakes – 25% off
  • Vehi­cle Engine – 25% off Air­craft, Bikes & Cars)
  • Vehi­cle Armor – 25% off (Air­craft, Bikes & Cars)
  • Liv­er­ies – 40% off (Air­craft, Bikes & Cars)

Cloth­ing & Accessories 

  • All Smug­gler’s Run Cloth­ing – 25% off
  • Flight and Air Rac­ing Suits – 25% off
  • Para­chutes — Bags, Canopies and Smoke Trails – 25% off

Pre­mi­um Race — “Surf and Turf” (locked to Blaz­er Aqua)

Time Tri­al - “End to End”

Source: Rock­star

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