New This Week For GTA Online: Classic Races, Discounts, & More

This week on GTA Online you can expect the usu­al, dis­counts and Dou­ble GTA$ and RP, but there’s a new race for the Wee­ny Issi Classic. 

Weeny Issi Classic Races 

New This Week For GTA Online: Classic Races, Discounts, & More

Race against 29 oth­er play­ers across sev­en new tracks designed for the Wee­ny Issi:

  • Repeater
  • The Issi Job
  • Tur­bine Trouble 
  • Goal
  • Sidewinder 
  • City Jumper
  • Pale­to Palace

You’ll receive Dou­ble GTA$ and RP for the Wee­ny Races from now until June 25th.

Double GTA$ and Rp Opportunities

Along­side the Wee­ny Issi Clas­sic Races, Rock­star is also extend­ing dou­ble GTA$ and RP on The Prison Break Heist. You can also make dou­ble on oth­er oppor­tu­ni­ties, now until June 25th:

The Humane Labs Raid

  • Key Codes 
  • Insur­gents
  • EMP
  • Valkyrie
  • Humane Labs Raid 

The Dooms­day Heist Act ΙΙ

  • The Bog­dan Prob­lem (Finale Only)

Lamar Con­tact Missions

This week any Lamar Con­tact Mis­sion will earn you dou­ble GTA$ and RP.


Land, Sea and Air Vehi­cles (30% off):

  • Mam­moth Avenger
  • Ocelot Stromberg
  • Aku­la Stealth Helicopter
  • Buck­ing­ham Valkyrie Helicopter
  • Över­flöd Enti­ty XXR
  • HVY Insur­gent & Insur­gent Pick-Up
  • Karin Tech­ni­cal
  • Riot Con­trol Vehi­cle (RCV)
  • Maibat­su Mule
  • Nagasa­ki Dinghy 

For vehi­cles with dual pric­ing options, dis­count applies to both Buy It Now & Trade Prices.


  • Facil­i­ties – 40% off
  • Hangars – 50% off
  • Exec­u­tive Offices – 50% off

Gear and Acces­sories (50% off):

  • Bul­let­proof Helmets
  • Heist Street, Light, and Heavy Com­bat Outfits 
  • All Para­chute Bags w/ Coun­try Flags
  • All Yacht Coun­try Flags

 Source: Rock­star

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