New Splinter Cell Will An Open World Like Halo Infinite — Report

Ubisoft report­ed­ly has an unan­nounced Splin­ter Cell game in the ear­ly stages of devel­op­ment, and it will have an open world.

Accord­ing to jour­nal­ist Tom Hen­der­son on Twit­ter, this Splin­ter Cell title “is cur­rent­ly scoped as a… You guessed it… Open World of sorts.”

It’s also rumored to be a stealthy ver­sion of Assas­s­in’s Creed, and will be sim­i­lar to Halo Infinite’s open world. This just means Splin­ter Cell may have free-roam­ing mis­sions in the cam­paign, as well as an exten­sive map.

Ubisoft has yet to offi­cial­ly announce its even work­ing on a new Splin­ter Cell game, oth­er than its VR-exclu­sive title, but the rumors per­sist. In Octo­ber, addi­tion­al reports from Tom Hen­der­son claimed the game was in the “ear­ly phase of pro­duc­tion,” and that there is a “small chance” it will be unveiled in 2022. 

Sources also said that the game may be devel­oped by a stu­dio out­side of Mon­tre­al, even with Tom Clan­cy’s Splin­ter Cell: Black­list being devel­oped pri­mar­i­ly at Ubisoft Toron­to. Intial­ly it was report­ed the Ubisoft was green­light­ing this unknown game in part to “win back” fans who did­n’t quite enjoy the Splin­ter Cell mobile and VR spin-offs.

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