New Need For Speed Coming And It Looks Like Its In Las Vegas

As we all know a new Need For Speed was Announced back in 2016, NFS has been post­ing new images on its twit­ter through­out the months giv­ing fans a few small glimpses of cars and envi­ron­ments from NFS as it is in pro­duc­tion. With  E3 com­ing up I imag­ine that there will be some new info coming. 

 Today they post­ed a smokey pic­ture appar­ent­ly show­ing the Las Vegas-Like Skyline.

New Need For Speed Coming And It Looks Like Its In Las Vegas

 Here is a slight­ly enhanced ver­sion of the pic­ture offer­ing a lit­tle more clar­i­ty, Post­ed By LP-RIPPER24TV. The set­ting is pure­ly specual­tion at the moment but with E3 com­ing we can expect more infor­ma­tion very, very soon. 

Need for speed has nev­er his­tor­i­cal­ly been in  a real world city, So I don’t expect it to be now. Adding a few new cars and some new cos­met­ic styles seems to be what they have in store. 

I am not a fan of Need For Speed or any game that just keeps con­stant­ly mak­ing clones of itself and charges $60 for it, At the same time I know in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions that it cant be avoid­ed and will keep my eye out to see if they actu­al­ly have the balls to break the bor­ing mold they have been using to make the recent entries in the series.

As more info becomes avail­able we will post about it. Game news has been pret­ty light late­ly with E3 around the cor­ner. Soon we will all have more info then we know what to do with. 

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