Pub­lish­er Motor­sport Games has con­firmed that Nascar 21, the next entry in the Nascar rac­ing sim­u­la­tion fran­chise, is cur­rent­ly being worked on. It won’t be a con­tin­u­a­tion of the Nascar Heat series, but is instead a brand new start.

The vice pres­i­dent of mar­ket­ing George Holmquist revealed in an IGN inter­view that Nascar 21 will move away from Uni­ty to Unre­al Engine for bet­ter graph­ics, deep­er cus­tomiza­tions, addi­tion­al acces­si­bil­i­ty options, and even more paint jobs.

Using the Unre­al engine just brings the graph­ics [and] the game­play into more of a AAA style of game,” Holmquist stat­ed. “More than the Nascar Heat fran­chise we’ve had before. I think that’s some­thing our cus­tomers are look­ing for. If you’ve seen the screen­shots at this point, it’s def­i­nite­ly a step up from our pre­vi­ous franchise.”

Accord­ing to Holmquist, cus­tomiza­tion was a high­ly request­ed from fans of the series. The fran­chise has always encour­aged deep car mod­i­fi­ca­tions, Nascar 21 will have more cre­ative options. One exam­ple includes a ded­i­cat­ed paint booth for play­ers vehicles.

Of course, the biggest adjust­ment is the switch from the Uni­ty to Unre­al. Nascar Heat 5, the 2020 entry, was built on the Uni­ty engine. Instead of doing the bare min­i­mum, Motor­sports Games want­ed to mod­ern­ize the franchise.

I think a lot of peo­ple think we took a risk chang­ing engines,” Holmquist said. “We could have done what every­body else would have done, right? The easy route would have been to cre­ate [Nascar] Heat 6, add some qual­i­ty-of-life fea­tures, sell it, move on, flip the game again and again and again. It’s just not what we want to do at Motor­sport Games.

Unre­al isn’t going to go any­where,” Holmquist added. “The rFac­tor physics aren’t going to go any­where but get bet­ter. So we also look to the future; that every game iteration–either Nascar, BTCC, or so on–is going to get bet­ter and bet­ter. So this is our first flag in the ground.

It’s very impor­tant for us to ensure this game is of a qual­i­ty our users expect, and it’s a step up from the Heat fran­chise,” Holmquist concluded.

Nascar 21 does­n’t cur­rent­ly have a release date, though more details will like­ly be detailed soon. Launch plat­forms were also not dis­cussed dur­ing the interview.