New Mode, Vehicle, and Discounts for GTA Online

Yet again, Rock­star Games has added a few brand new items to GTA Online today. A brand new mode has been added, as well as a new vehi­cle. Dis­counts are on Facil­i­ties, a plane, and a weaponized vehi­cle. All of this goes on from now until Jan­u­ary 22nd.

Grotti GT500

The Grot­ti GT500 is a Sports Clas­sic styl­ish Ital­ian car, which you can pur­chase exclu­sive­ly form the Leg­endary Motorsport.

Air Quota — New Adversary Mode 

New Mode, Vehicle, and Discounts for GTA Online

This new adver­sary mode tests your skills as a pilot in the Los San­tos skies. It pins 4 teams, 16 play­ers total. The goal is to, “Work your way through every fla­vor of air­borne com­bat,” by blow­ing up your oppo­nents with Mis­siles and Can­nons. Earn dou­ble GTA$ and RP in Air Quo­ta now through Jan­u­ary 22nd.


  • Facil­i­ty Styles – 25% off
  • Facil­i­ty Graph­ics – 25% off
  • Secu­ri­ty Room – 25% off
  • Buck­ing­ham Pyro (Plane) – 25% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • HVY Night­shark (Weaponized Vehi­cle) – 25% off

Premium Race & Time Trails 

Com­plete these races for GTA$ and RP from now until Jan­u­ary 22nd.

  • Pre­mi­um Stunt Race – “Plum­met” Locked to Super
  • Time Tri­al – “Tong­va Valley”

Source: Rock­star

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