New Layers Of Fear Game Announced, Teaser Trailer In Unreal Engine 5 Released

Bloober Team seems to be in the spooky spir­it of Hal­loween, as they’ve decid­ed to announce a new Lay­ers of Fear game. The Pol­ish devel­op­er ins’t pre­pared to ful­ly revealed to game to the pub­lic, but they did release a teas­er trail­er for the a name­less title with­in the Lay­ers of Fear universe.

The teas­er, which was made in Unre­al Engine 5, shows a creepy scene that takes peo­ple back to the orig­i­nal Lay­ers of Fear. That game told the sto­ry of a painter who want­ed to fin­ish his life’s great­est work, no mat­ter what obsta­cle got in his way. This new trail­er includes a painter as well.

Bloober Team released a sequel to Lay­ers of Fear in 2019, about a Hol­ly­wood actor who’s movie was being filmed on an ocean liner.

CEO Piotr Babiebo said Lay­ers of Fear was a “break­through” title for the stu­dio and one that helped the team grow, as well as expand into new cat­e­gories. Now that Bloober is return­ing to the fran­chise, Babiebo com­ment­ed on it, say­ing, “I’m real­ly glad we’re com­ing back to this world, wis­er and more experienced.”

Bloober cur­rent­ly has two oth­er games in devel­op­ment along­side the new Lay­ers of Fear title–one in pro­duc­tion and one that’s in pre-pro­duc­tion. Both are described as AAA.

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