New Injustice 2 Trailer Reveals Catwoman, Cheetah and More

Devel­op­er Nether­Realm has released a new Injus­tice 2 trail­er show­cas­ing a few of the female characters. 

In the trail­er Cat­woman and Chee­tah are shown for the first time. Poi­son Ivy was shown ear­li­er as part of the sto­ry, but this is the only time she has been shown as a playable character.

Here are Poi­son Ivy and Cat­wom­an’s offi­cial descrip­tion via the Injus­tice web­site. Chee­tah will be added when the web­site is updated.


Dr. Pamela Isley was once an inno­v­a­tive, rad­i­cal botan­i­cal bio­chemist with a sin­gu­lar goal: make the world safe for plant life to flour­ish. She joins the Soci­ety to fur­ther their com­mon inter­est in bring­ing mankind to its knees, but at heart, Ivy’s desire is to ensure that in any new world order, flo­ra dom­i­nates fauna.


Con­sis­tent­ly walk­ing the line between hero and vil­lain, Seli­na Kyle’s pil­fer­ing past as Cat­woman pre­vents Bat­man from ever plac­ing his full trust in her. As the ash­es of the Regime give rise to the sin­is­ter Soci­ety, the Caped Cru­sad­er must once again spec­u­late where this thiev­ing feline’s loy­al­ties lie.


When archae­ol­o­gist Bar­bara Ann Min­er­va betrayed Won­der Woman to claim the pow­ers of a god, she was unaware that she would be cursed to live a life trans­formed as the Chee­tah. She now uses her pri­mal pow­ers to take revenge against Won­der Woman, draw­ing her out of hid­ing in hopes of bring­ing about her doom.

On sim­i­lar note, Swamp Thing was revealed yes­ter­day. The game­play trail­er shows off his many marsh based abilities. 

Injus­tice 2 will launch May 27th on Xbox One and PlaySta­tion 4. 

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