New Ghost Recon Wildlands Patch Available Now

Ubisoft has released a pret­ty big patch for Ghost Recon Wild­lands, bring­ing some bug fix­es, improve­ments and a new way to play, Tier 1 mode.

Tier 1 mode brings a new dif­fi­cul­ty and a new way to lev­el up. In Tier 1 mode play­ers start at lev­el 50 and work their way down to Lev­el 1, earn­ing tier points instead of Xp, unlock­ing new rewards. There is no new mis­sions or loca­tions for Tier 1 mode, you sim­ply flip a switch in the menu when you reach lev­el 30.

A new HUD indi­ca­tor was added to tell you how and why you were spot­ted and fix­es a few bugs. The patch size itself is pret­ty damn big, weigh­ing in at 8.4 gb on PS4 and Xbox One, 7.9 gb on PC.

Check out the full patch notes below,

Ghost Recon Wildlands Title Update 5

User Interface

  • The rea­son for detec­tion is now dis­played above the mini-map.


  • Fixed a bug where the play­er could not use the drone or the binoc­u­lars after using the medic drone to heal.
  • Fixed a bug where vehi­cles would take low dam­age when shot from a long distance.
  • Cor­rect­ed a bug where the Ston­er LMG fold­ed butt­stock would be described with an incor­rect loca­tion in the loadout.
  • Cor­rect­ed a bug where Whis­per pis­tol had no silencer and would alarm NPCs if play­ers used it.


  • An unusu­al noise was heard near a ruined hut…
  • Fixed a bug where the M9 hand­gun would sound the same with or with­out a suppressor.

Narco Road

  • Fixed a bug where the fol­low­er icon could be miss­ing when in the tac-map.

Fallen Ghosts

  • Fixed a bug where the play­er would be detect­ed by NPCs when shoot­ing at long dis­tance with a crossbow.


  • Fixed a bug where exces­sive light­ing would occur in cer­tain weath­er types in the Fall­en Ghosts expan­sion when the Enhanced Godrays option was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where select­ing the left-hand­ed mouse option would dis­play the right click for fast trav­el on the tac-map instead of the left click.
  • Fixed a bug where an Xbox One con­troller would lose input if the con­troller was dis­con­nect­ed while the game was unfocused.
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse click was not dis­played for the Skills short­cut in the com­mand wheel.
  • Fixed a bug where a pop-up relat­ed to Easy Anti Cheat would be dis­played at every game start if the User Account Con­trol fea­ture was enabled in Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where rapid­ly clos­ing NVIDIA Ansel after it was open caused the game to run at 1 frame per second.

Any of these fix­es bring you back to the game after you have already fin­ished it? What still needs to be fixed?

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