Dur­ing Sony’s State of Play stream ear­li­er today, devel­op­er Arkane Stu­dios revealed a new Deathloop game­play trail­er which show­cased var­i­ous pow­ers and weapons. This includes Blink, which is from the Dis­hon­ored series (Arkane also devel­oped this).

The game­play video is sev­er­al hours into the game, where the pro­tag­o­nist Colt “the Cap­tain” Vahn is attempt­ing to bring down Alek­sis “The Wolf” Dorsey. In order to do this, Colt uses pow­ers like Blink to tra­verse faster, as well as a grav­i­ta­tion­al lift to throw ene­mies into the air. Antag­o­nist Julian­na “Jules” Blake invade the game. You can check out the trail­er below.

Pub­lish­er Bethes­da released a blog blog post along­side the trail­er, out­lin­ing sev­en things play­ers might not know about the shoot­er. One exam­ple includes an ear­ly abil­i­ty you can obtain, Reprise. It stops play­ers from imme­di­ate­ly restart­ing after death by rewind­ing sev­er­al moments. Grow­ing this abil­i­ty gives play­ers even bet­ter con­trol, ulti­mate­ly let­ting Colt just rewind himself.

Deathloop launch­es on Sep­tem­ber 14th, 2021 for PC and PlaySta­tion 5.