New Battlefield V Trailer, Battle Royale Mode and Features Shown At E3

Today EA Games host­ed their EAPlay E3 brief­ing, as expect­ed they took some time to show us some more Bat­tle­field V footage. Destruc­tion has been ramped up, play­ers will be able to dive out of win­dows to evade attack­ers and what were once sta­tion­ary AA guns can now be towed and moved by vehi­cles. Check out the mul­ti­play­er trail­er below.

Lit­tle was shown and/or said about the sin­gle play­er cam­paign but devel­op­er Dice says to keep an eye out dur­ing tomor­rows Xbox show case for more infor­ma­tion on the sin­gle play­er side of things. A Bat­tle Royale mode was also announced, very lit­tle infor­ma­tion was giv­en. The Royale mode will fea­ture vehi­cles and focus on the pil­lars that Bat­tle­field is built around; Destruc­tion, Team play and Vehicles.

Dice also announced that there would be no loot box­es in Bat­tle­field V, this sound great with the all free DLC maps they announced pre­vi­ous­ly. If you would like to see the EAPlay show case in its entire­ty just click on the video embed­ded below.


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