New Battlefield One Patch, Nivelle Nights Update

Today Bat­tle­field One Devel­op­er DICE, announced and out­lined the lat­est patch for the lat­est entry in the Bat­tle­field series. Titled Niv­elle Nights update the patch brings the first night map to BF1, Niv­elle Nights and some new fea­tures and adjustments.

The map will be avail­able to Pre­mi­um Pass play­ers and They Shall Not Pass own­ers from today. If you do not have either, there is a chance to play the map through Pre­mi­um Friends. - DICE

Below are the Patch notes, Via The Offi­cial Bat­tle­field One Blog:


We have added a new screen at the end of the match, high­light­ing the best squad in the game. Our data has shown that play­ers play­ing as part of a pla­toon are gen­er­al­ly play­ing bet­ter than oth­ers, so if you haven’t already done so, it is time to find a pla­toon. Earn your place in the spot­light with your platoon.


Fixed an issue where the play­er’s weapon got fil­tered audio when late-join­ing a game in multiplayer.

Increased NO Kill­trade dis­tance from 10m to 20m based on com­mu­ni­ty feedback.

Cor­rect­ed aim­ing con­troller set­tings for the Benet Mer­cie Opti­cal when using 1.5x zoom. It was using iron sights set­tings, it will now use opti­cal set­tings like the oth­er zoom levels.

Added blur around the Selb­st­lad­er 1906 Sniper’s scope when aiming.

Added sin­gle fire mode to the Ribey­rolles to match the descrip­tion which says it’s select fire.

Ammo pouch speeds up grenade resup­ply if play­er stands close to it.

Grenade (resup­ply) icon:

                — Now greyed out (low­ered alpha) when out of ammo.

                — Does­n’t blink any­more when out of ammo.

                — Resup­ply progress now shown when close to ammo crate/pouch even when play­er already has 1 grenade and is resup­ply­ing a sec­ond grenade (smoke).

Fixed an exploit which allowed AT Mines to be placed on vehicles.

Fixed issue where flamethrow­er audio could get stuck if killed while fir­ing. Get it? Fir­ing. FIRE-ing.

Fixed issue where play­er was able to fire weapon while being melee-killed.


Fixed vehi­cle skin descrip­tions not show­ing up in the vehi­cle cus­tomiza­tion screen.

Fixed low res­o­lu­tion tex­ture on Chauchat rear iron sight.

Fixed issue where wrong play­ers would hear vehi­cle Bailout voice over.


Fort de Vaux: Play­ers should no longer be able to get on top of the fort around the court­yard area.

Fixed issue where Con­quest Con­trol scor­ing event was being award­ed in oth­er game modes (Oper­a­tions, Domination).

Fixed an issue where out­door reverbs were not ful­ly fad­ed in when tran­si­tion­ing from indoor to outdoor.

Ver­dun Heights: Fixed a few out-of-bounds spawns in Operations.

Ver­dun Heights: Adjust­ed the com­bat area and cap­ture area for the flag in the last Oper­a­tions sec­tor to improve the balance.

Ver­dun Heights: High­er like­li­hood for more weath­er variation.

Ver­dun Heights: Adjust­ed HQ spawns for both teams for Conquest.

Fixed an issue where shells of the BL9 artillery on Rup­ture in the Rush game mode would be blocked if fired after the attack­ers had advanced past the sec­ond sector.

Fixed an issue where self repair would acti­vate with­out input upon enter­ing a dri­ver seat after leav­ing that seat mid repair cycle.  All tank and plane parts are now fixed auto­mat­i­cal­ly upon the vehi­cle reach­ing full health. This pre­vents the con­fus­ing sit­u­a­tion of hav­ing a healthy vehi­cle with bro­ken parts.

Imple­ment­ed Front­lines on Amiens and Argonne Forest.

Play­er HUD is now active dur­ing Pre-round.

Added orig­i­nal light­ing for Sois­sons to make the lev­el brighter.


Cam­era Fil­ters and Depth of Field set­tings can now be used while in Play­er View mode. (1st per­son, 3rd per­son, and direc­tor cameras) 

Fixed issue where all squad infor­ma­tion was not always sent to spectator.


We know that the com­mu­ni­ty are request­ing many more fea­tures to improve the RSP pro­gram, and we con­tin­ue to improve it, based on the feed­back we’ve been receiv­ing from the Bat­tle­field community.

- Added set­ting for Unlim­it­ed Magazines.


Added a tooltip on the death screen for when the play­er has a high laten­cy to the server.

Added a mes­sage about lead­ing your shots when play­ing with a high laten­cy to the server.

Moved the laten­cy indi­ca­tor to not over­lap with any oth­er UI elements.


Fixed issue where game crashed after select­ing sev­er­al cus­tom but­ton map­pings for the vehi­cle con­troller buttons.

Fixed issue where game would stop at black load­ing screen when load­ing maps.


Fixed issue where game crashed after select­ing sev­er­al cus­tom but­ton map­pings for the vehi­cle con­troller buttons.

If you want to read the offi­cial post witch screen­shots head over to the offi­cial Bat­tle­field Blog and check it out.

The Niv­elle Nights Update is avail­able for Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC Now.

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