New ARK PC Patch Released, Xbox Patch Announced, PS4 Ignored Again.

Today Stu­dio Wild­card announced a new patch for its sur­vival game Ark. Today the PC ver­sion was updat­ed to ver­sion 261, bring­ing a lot of changes and bug fix­es to Ark. 

Here are the patch notes, These or for PC and Xbox only at the moment, PS4 will get these changes July 12th, Maybe. 

Cur­rent Ver­sion: v261

- Fix for sin­gle­play­er crea­ture spawns becom­ing deplet­ed over time as they did not come out of hiber­na­tion properly.
- Fixed player/bed loca­tion not appear­ing at the cor­rect loca­tion on the map.
- Allowed Anky­lo to attack with it’s tail while in a float­ing state.
- Fix for boss trib­ute require­ments, remov­ing alpha items and reduc­ing cost of apex items.
- Fix for the black sky on The Center.
- Fix for Dis­able Resource Har­vest­ing set­ting not working.
- Fix for Trike walk­ing sound.
- Fix for Rex eggs falling under the map (due to miss­ing poop sock­et with new increased cap­sule size).
- Increased ten­ta­cles dropped from the Tuso from 1 to 8.
- Increased chance for an alpha to spawn (in mul­ti­play­er only) by 2x.
- Fix for dino attacks not func­tion­ing cor­rect­ly while underwater.
- Fix for anky­lo not being able to use it’s new sec­ondary attack reliably. 
- Decreased food con­sump­tion for baby Troodons.
- Fixed improp­er baby Wyvern food values.
- Fixed ani­ma­tion issue with idle Rex.
- Fixed vol­ume of Craft All sound.
- Fixed issue where deceased tames left death cache’s even with an emp­ty inventory.
- Added Tek Trough engram to the Manticore.
- Fixed music in The Cen­ter Drag­on boss fight.
- Added Yutyran­nus to Tek Cave.
- Rebal­anced all boss HP and dam­age to scale from 1x (Gam­ma) to 3x (Alpha) in sin­gle­play­er. This does not include The Cen­ter dou­ble boss are­na, which has 35% less HP and dam­age than it’s indi­vid­ual Island counterparts.
- Improved atmos­pher­ic fog when using ‑noman­sky.
- Fixed armor sort­ing to sort by item name, and then quality.
- Fixed engrams some­times not dis­play­ing prop­er while in fold­er view.
- New Drag­on Tro­phy and Sloped Thatch Roof icons.
- Man­tis and Scor­pi­on now receive the Ovi­rap­tor egg lay­ing buff.
- Above-ground oil rocks har­vest-health reduced by 50%, and under­wa­ter oil nodes har­vest-health increased by 33%.
- Decreased snow bush­es resources to 20% the amount of resources (20% har­vest-health), and increased snow trees by 200% resources (200% harvest-health).
- Diplodocus is now con­sid­ered a large her­bi­vore, mean­ing medi­um sized car­ni­vores will no longer attack it.
- Non-Queen Bees no longer give XP.
- Reduced Ichthy­or­nis tar­get­ing range against players/tames by 35%.
- Ichthy­or­nis no longer attacks play­ers or tames that are under­wa­ter, only fish.
- Low­ered rota­tion rate in Kapro­suchus attacks, which pre­vi­ous­ly made it run and swim in cir­cles while try­ing to attack.
- Dung Bee­tle is no longer aggres­sive unless provoked.
- Onyc now have a 10% chance per melee hit to apply megara­bies to victim.
- Under­wa­ter dino attacks prop­er­ly rebound to pri­ma­ry-fire (LMB) where appropriate.
- Under­wa­ter and cave crates now give two items instead of one.
- Reduced Troodon dam­age by 33%.
- Reduced Pego­mas­tax health (200 base to 120 base).
- Fixed issue where struc­tures would not demo properly.
- Fixed light­ing issue with The Cen­ter volcano.
- Added visu­al indi­ca­tor for tames and play­ers when their inven­to­ry slots are maxed out.
- Updat­ed Dire­wolf jump animation.
- Fixed an issue where dinos would not regen­er­ate health while in stasis.
- Thatch Roof renamed to Thatch Ceiling.
- All hatch­frames prop­er­ly named when placed in the world (pre­vi­ous­ly called Trapdoors).
- Fixed alpha par­ti­cle effect on under­wa­ter alphas to be vis­i­ble in water.
- Fixed an issue where dis­abling engrams on the host menu and re-enabling caused the engram to still be invisible.
- Reduced Titanoboa’s ter­rain scal­ing abil­i­ties, specif­i­cal­ly reduc­ing its abil­i­ty to scale cave walls and end up on the ceiling.
- Revis­it­ed move-around-block­ade AI on dinos, mean­ing they should get stuck against ter­rain less often than previous.
- Improved log­ic for tamed dinos get­ting stuck less in oth­er tamed dinos (there are a lot of edge cas­es here, but should over­all be better).
- Removed “Dis­tance: ” label from “Fol­low­ing” Float­ing HUD. Now dis­plays for 30 sec­onds after chang­ing, and while the extend­ed HUD is open (press-and-hold H key).
- Megapi­ran­ha size reduced by 20%.
- Made torch­es equip­pable on all appro­pri­ate land dino sad­dles. Drag the torch onto the sad­dle to equip.
- Tek Repli­ca­tor can now only be craft­ed at the Obelisks in singleplayer.
- Allowed spear attack and melee attacks with­out com­plete­ly exit­ing run­ning (just a quick temp stop), except for clubs & swords.
- Fixed Frozen Can­teens from ‘spoil­ing’ into emp­ty con­tain­ers instead of reg­u­lar Filled Canteens. 
- Can no longer use the spear to har­vest trees.
- Added dura­bil­i­ty to Min­ers Hel­met and Flashlight.
- Reduced max num­ber of spi­der min­ions by 30% and make them 30% tougher.
- Fixed Kairuku spawns in singleplayer.
- Crea­tures in caves have been altered. Changes include more Arthro­pleu­ra, Titanoboa and Leech­es in the Swamp Cave, removed Scor­pi­ons. Removed bats, spi­ders, pen­guins, and pira­nhas in the Ice Cave. Added ‘Polar Bears’, Purlovias, and Saber­tooth Salmon to the Ice Cave.
- Con­sum­ing Rare Mush­room and Rare Flow­ers now gives their intend­ed effects. 
- Fixed low LODs for dinos (specif­i­cal­ly to fix Beaver and Ovis).
- After using Trans­fer All the inven­to­ry search­ing auto­mat­i­cal­ly clears.
- Unsort inven­to­ry now works cor­rect­ly on remote inventories.
- Food con­sump­tion on dinos raised from 0.1 to 0.25 per unit Health regenerated.
- Griffins, female Ovis, and female Mega­lo­ceros now retain their col­or prop­er­ly in singleplayer.

This patch is a again a much need­ed addi­tion to Ark, but a huge chunk of the play­er base wont get it until July 12th at the ear­li­est, and that is still an esti­mat­ed time of arrival, and his­to­ry shows us that they nev­er meet the ETAs they give us, this spe­cif­ic patch has already been delayed twice for Playsta­tion 4, As well as The new free Ark Rag­narok (Was sup­posed to be here on July 4th, then again on July 10th and they have now pushed in until July 19th). It just seems like PS4 play­ers are expect­ed to just be con­stant­ly ignored while still giv­ing them our hard earned mon­ey for less con­tent and support.

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