New Animal and Ark update Roadmap Revealed

Ark Sur­vival Evolved devel­op­er Stu­dio Wild­card released the lat­est “Com­mu­ni­ty Crunch”, a week­ly newslet­ter post­ed to their forums dis­cussing new devel­op­ments to Ark, Its Mod Pro­gram and com­mu­ni­ty cre­ations. This week they gave us a small road map to August 29th, Ark’s release date and intro­duced a new ani­mal com­ing to its sur­vival game, The Otter. When tamed the Otter can ride on the play­er’s shoul­der pro­vid­ing insulation.

New Animal and Ark update Roadmap Revealed


Found along the Island’s many inland water­ways, Lutra Peloso have become excep­tion­al­ly adept at hunt­ing and for­ag­ing. This species of Otter has to be par­tic­u­lar­ly cun­ning because of its diminu­tive size, and fierce com­pe­ti­tion for its pre­ferred food source: fish. It is not a crea­ture that excels at com­bat, and would not nat­u­ral­ly pose an intim­i­dat­ing threat to any predators.

Find­ing packs of riv­er Otters is sim­ple enough: They are dis­tin­guished by their elon­gat­ed bod­ies, bushy tails, and webbed feet. Their trust­ing and inquis­i­tive nature ensures they are often hunt­ed for their lus­trous fur, but many pre­fer to tame them to become trust­ed companions.


There are few crea­tures which pro­vide the com­pan­ion­ship that Lutra Peloso does. Rather than trav­el­ing beside you, it would pre­fer to com­fort­ably rest on your back, pro­vid­ing insu­la­tion. Once domes­ti­cat­ed, it can be told to har­vest fish on demand, with a spe­cif­ic goal in mind from the fish that it con­sumes, the otter has a knack for for­ag­ing sil­i­ca pearls, and can even yield a slight chance at find­ing black pearls within!

Stu­dio Wild­card says they intend to con­tin­ue improv­ing Ark trough free patch­es and to add more con­tent through free patch­es and both free and paid DLC. Ark is still set to release August 29th, here is what we can expect at launch.

New Animal and Ark update Roadmap Revealed

New Tek Tier items will be com­ing to Ark also. The New Tek Sword And Shield and Tek Light

  • The TEK Sword, with a dash-charge attack as well as armor pierc­ing capability!
  • The TEK Shield, which can reflect incom­ing pro­jec­tiles and bul­lets, and can com­plete­ly stop splash damage!
  • The TEK Light, that can be attached or picked up to and from any sur­face, and is self–powered by ele­men­tal shards or can be linked to generators!

New Animal and Ark update Roadmap Revealed

On the Rag­narok front, Rag­narok will be receiv­ing a new update on August 29th, adding approx­i­mate­ly an island sized addi­tion to the already playable area. The new addi­tion will include new areas and biomes.

Coastal Wyvern Canyon, a Trop­i­cal Desert, Low­lands, Tas­ma­nia, sev­er­al icon­ic beach­es, a hid­den tem­ple, a new cave, an epic boss encounter and more!

Also con­firmed was tam­able Titanoboas!

We know you’ve been wait­ing a while for them and we feel con­fi­dent with our lat­est opti­mi­sa­tion work in adding them to the ARK. Their tam­ing method will involve allur­ing these ter­ri­fy­ing snakes with the fer­til­ized eggs to feed on.

Mid-Month August will see the patch roll out that fix­es con­sole Play­er Ded­i­cat­ed Serv­er crash­ing, intro­duce their DDoS Mit­i­ga­tion for all Offi­cial Servers, address the dup­ing exploit and allow play­ers to rent PC-Ded­i­cat­ed Con­sole Servers.

PC-Ded­i­cat­ed Con­sole servers will ini­tial­ly be rolling out on PlaySta­tion 4 for the time being. This is just crap, as a PS4 user I know how it feels when you get left behind on a fea­ture you real­ly want in Ark. Wild­card says,

We will be tech­ni­cal­ly set up to launch them on both of our con­sole plat­forms from a devel­op­ment point of view but are cur­rent­ly run­ning into some busi­ness & pipeline ques­tions with Microsoft which we hope to resolve in the com­ing weeks.

Hope­ful­ly Microsoft takes some of these road blocks down and Xbox get to to enjoy rentable servers very very soon.

This week includ­ed a ques­tion and answer ses­sion with Lead Programmer/Wildcard co-founder Jere­my Stieglitz

Sur­vivor, Black­wolfe asks, “In my opin­ion, build­ing is one of the impor­tant pil­lars of Ark and the build­ing sys­tem is long over­due for some love. Do you have any plans to improve the build­ing sys­tem in the near future? (like with improved snap­ping, tri­an­gle pieces like in s+, dec­o­ra­tions etc).”

We’re invest­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ty of includ­ing Struc­tures+ as an offi­cial­ly inte­grat­ed fea­ture — beyond an Offi­cial­ly Sup­port­ed Mod, direct­ly into the core game itself. No promis­es yet though, it depends on how much of a clean imple­men­ta­tion it proves to be.

Sur­vivor Cynan­ic Ember asks:

Will the two upcom­ing Expan­sion Packs includ­ed in the Sea­son Pass round out and com­plete Ark’s sto­ry entire­ly, or is there a pos­si­bil­i­ty for addi­tion­al Expan­sions beyond those?

We’ll see how the next two Expan­sions go, and if there’s more inter­est­ing sto­ry to tell and sur­vival mechan­ics to explore beyond that. I’m hopeful!

Has the TLC pass for Lega­cy dinos been scrapped or pushed back to post launch updates?

Post-Launch update. I will not be able to rest until those ini­tial launch dinos get their due.

On that sub­ject, will post-launch updates be in much the same for­mat as pre-launch? Or will we have larg­er themed updates like “Farm­ing and Flo­ra Update”?

Same for­mat as pre-launch, at least for the rest of this year. Name­ly, fire­fight­ing and indi­vid­ual fea­ture updat­ing. Next year, will prob­a­bly set­tle into a groove of less fre­quent, big­ger themes.

Will the Ice Wyvern ever get a dis­tinct mod­el, tex­ture, and breath weapon instead of a re-skin?

Yes, at the end of August! And it will be transferable.

Will we be get­ting a more robust TEK Arse­nal? The cur­rent TEK Rifle is the suc­ces­sor to the Assault Rifle, but what about a TEK Heavy Weapon like the rock­et launch­er (plas­ma can­non or rail­gun maybe?), or a sidearm, sniper rifle, or close-quar­ters weapon? (i.e Shot­gun, not Tek Sword)

Yep, you will, stay tuned. I’m a big fan of ‘Eras­er’!

Now that the game’s full launch is approach­ing, will you be tak­ing a look at any of the con­tent that you orig­i­nal­ly want­ed to imple­ment, but was cut for var­i­ous rea­sons? (Such as oil lanterns, prim­i­tive sad­dle mount­ed can­nons, bean-bag ammo for shot­guns, grapeshot for prim­i­tive can­non, etc…)

We plan to con­tin­ue to add con­tent post-launch, so I’m opti­mistic most if not all of these ideas will be real­ized in the months ahead.

Sur­vivor Water­keep­er asks, “How’s the kib­ble tree rework com­ing along?”

It’s near­ly ready for pub­lic feed­back, just try­ing to decide whether I want to put it out now or wait until the Exper­i­men­tal branch is live post-launch. Lean­ing towards Exper­i­men­tal branch to enable us to have more time to col­lect live feed­back before it affects Offi­cials, in case we don’t get some of the val­ues right.

IGN­Whyt asks, “Are there any plans to make a col­or­blind-friend­ly mode? It’s 2017, as such its not a new con­cept game wise.  Or at the very least make sup­ply drops dif­fer­ent col­ors (red/green and blue/purple) if you can?”

Yes, we will deal with this in the com­ing months, before the end of Octo­ber. It’s important!

Scr­y­sis asks, “Is Pri­mal Ark still being devel­oped?  You know, the total con­ver­sion that allows play­ers to play as the dinos?”

The team work­ing on it had to put it on the back­burn­er to help with com­plet­ing our UWP and mul­ti­plat­form launch goals (along with infra­struc­ture improve­ments). We hope to return to it post-launch.

xKing­Pheonix asks, “Is the phoenix per­ma­nent­ly scrapped or will you guys add it to anoth­er dlc?”

It’ll be added into Scorched Earth on August 29, as a thank-you for every­one mak­ing that Expan­sion such a suc­cess. We real­ly do appre­ci­ate it!

Steyoung89 asks, “Where do you stand with the Win­dows 10 ver­sion of the game?”

It’s near­ly ready — with Cross­play and Win­dows-host­ed Ded­i­cat­ed Serv­er and cross-buy and cross-plat­form trans­fer of data etc — and it should release on August 29 or near that (depend­ing on whether Microsoft can cer­ti­fy it for launch quick­ly enough!).

Colos­suS asks, “Extinc­tion Servers have been dead for a very long time now and I have seen count­less posts and tweets ask­ing for the map to be revert­ed back to The Island; will this ever happen?“

Yep, we’ll like­ly make that change on the August 29 new-launch.

Sur­vivor CarpeA­mare asks:

Will con­sole see a return of teth­er distance?

Nope, though we’ll see about widen­ing it as we get on. It was an acci­dent to allow that slid­er on con­sole, and it did cause issues (they may have been sub­tle, but were quite seri­ous and irresolvable).

Will con­sole be able to place items straight from orbit cam­era sim­i­lar to PC?

I don’t see why not, we’ll take a look at why it isn’t behav­ing like PC in that regard.

Will con­sole see a sys­tem where you can down­load paint pre­fabs for Dino’s, can­vas­es, etc. like PC?

We’re cur­rent­ly inves­ti­gat­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ty of allow­ing play­ers to trade tem­plates inside the game itself. Odds are good this will work out.

Stone­fa­ther asks “Will insects ever become breed­able? I feel like they are out­classed by oth­er crea­tures and being able to raise your own would help bring them clos­er in line with oth­er creatures.”

Not by us, their life­cy­cles are too dif­fer­ent from ani­mals so it’d be dif­fi­cult to rep­re­sent with­out a major amount of effort for each indi­vid­ual insect.

Oak­wind asks “When are we get­ting the phiomia bacon we were promised?!?!”

Dino TLC pass, this year.

Lewiatan asks “Do you plan to make AI over­haul before or after pre­miere? What will AI over­haul contain?

Among oth­er things, dur­ing the Dino TLC pass, for exam­ple, we plan to make var­i­ous crea­tures biased towards being noc­tur­nal or diur­nal. So that, unless they are per­turbed, you’d actu­al­ly see them sleep­ing and recov­er­ing their vital stats dur­ing that time. This will pro­vide more incen­tive for trav­el at a spe­cif­ic time of day or night, depend­ing on where you’re going.

Sur­vivor, Sir­Matthew asks “We will ever get banner/flag fixed in sad­dles, sim­i­lar to the Tribe Flag from Sur­vival of the Fittest?”

Very pos­si­ble, just haven’t got around to it yet.

If you want to check out this week’s Com­mu­ni­ty Crunch in its entire­ty head over to the offi­cial Ark Forums and check it out.

Ark leaves ear­ly access and launch­es ver­sion 1.0 August 29th 2017 for Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC

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