Neogaf is Offline after Sexual Harassment Accusation

There is no doubt some­thing going on at NeoGaf, the gam­ing forum has been down for much of the last 30 hours and Mod­er­a­tors for the site are jump­ing ship like it is sink­ing. The exact rea­son isn’t known at the moment but it seems to all be gen­er­at­ing from an accu­sa­tion that the own­er sex­u­al­ly harassed a woman.

The post orig­i­nat­ed from the #MeToo social media cam­paign. If you are unfa­mil­iar with the cam­paign, it appeared after the the very well pub­li­cised Har­vey Wein­stein sex­u­al­ly har­ras­ment scan­dle. Many women from all walks of life have joined togeth­er to share their expe­ri­ences being sex­u­al­ly harassed and to put the spot­light on those who do the harassment.

A woman, whose name is being pro­tect­ed when into detail on a face­book post, claim­ing NeoGaf own­er Tyler Mal­ka got in a show­er. com­plete­ly nude with her, he was unin­vit­ed. After she turned him down she says he “got out slow­ly and start­ed resent­ing me, being mean to me, ignor­ing me.”

She also says she could­n’t post his name out of fear of being ridiculed and not believed, on top of not being able to defend herself.

While these accu­sa­tions are seri­ous, noth­ing has been proven yet. As of right now is down and admins and users are jump­ing ship rapid­ly. Some even going as far to get them­selves banned.

There isn’t much infor­ma­tion avail­able at the moment and NeoGaf has­n’t released an Offi­cial Stat­ment yet, we will update this post as we find more information.

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