Mysterious Puzzle-Horror Game “DYING:Reborn” Coming to PS VR Feb. 28th

In a kind of sneak attack on PlaySta­tion’s Twit­ter, a strange game sprung up from nowhere today. It’s titled DYING:Reborn, and is com­ing in a mere four days to PS VR and PS4

Not much was said in the tweet about the game. In fact, it was a retweet from the pub­lish­ers of the game, a com­pa­ny by the name of Oasis Games. When look­ing at the web­site for this game, still, not much was said. There was a trail­er which showed very lit­tle, but did show that it is indeed a puz­zle game, but as far as hor­ror goes, I’m not so sure. Check it out for yourself:


Here is what the pub­lish­er had as a descrip­tion for the game on it’s offi­cial website:

DYING: Reborn is a dark, hor­ror-themed puz­zle game that cre­ates a unique first-per­son room escape expe­ri­ence. Exam­ine, col­lect and use items to solve a vari­ety of cre­ative puz­zle types to escape each spooky room, feel­ing shiv­ers down your spine at every turn!”

What is even more curi­ous about it is the strange fea­tured image they are using… it’s a fish. Well, a kind of scary look­ing fish, but it’s an upright fish, that looks like a man in a cos­tume. I have no idea what is going on with this game, but it’s com­ing to the PS4 and PS VR on Feb­ru­ary 28th. It is also arriv­ing on PS Vita, but has no date for that yet. 

Mysterious Puzzle-Horror Game "DYING:Reborn" Coming to PS VR Feb. 28th

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