Monster Hunter: World Free Title Update Coming Soon

Cap­com revealed what will be includ­ed in their huge, free, title update for Mon­ster Hunter: World on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. A new mon­ster will be here in a lit­tle over a week, on March 22nd. The rest of the update includes weapon bal­ances and oth­er fix­es. This update also pre­pares play­ers for the Spring Blos­som Fest, which will arrive in April.

Deviljho, The World Eater

On March 22nd, Dev­iljho offi­cial­ly comes to Mon­ster Hunter: World. He is among the Brute Wyverns and will bring 2 com­plete armor sets—Vangis α and Vangis β. Weapons will also be avail­able each of the 14 exist­ing weapon types, includ­ing brand new Dev­iljho designs for Sword and Shield, Hunt­ing Horn, Bow, Insect Glaive and Charge Blade. 

Spring Blossom Fest

Monster Hunter: World Free Title Update Coming Soon

This is Mon­ster Hunter: World’s very first sea­son­al event. It will being April 5th 5pm PT / April 6th 12am GMT and end on April 18th 5pm PT / April 20th 12am GMT. They’ll be dec­o­rat­ing the entire Gath­er­ing Hub and even issued out new offi­cial Guild uni­forms to all the staff. There is also a new spe­cial plat­ter available. 

Monster Hunter: World Free Title Update Coming Soon

Monster Hunter: World Free Title Update Coming Soon

More infor­ma­tion about the Spring Blos­som Fest will come soon. 

Mega Man & Weapon Design Contest Winner

Play­ers will get tick­ets to craft the Mega Man vox­el style Pal­i­co gear and will be avail­able to grab April 13th — April 27th.


Along with Pal­i­co gear, play­ers can also grab a weapon from the win­ner of the com­mu­ni­ty design con­test. At the start of the Spring Blos­som Fest (April 6th), mate­ri­als will unlock to craft the Wyvern Igni­tion Great Sword.

Monster Hunter: World Free Title Update Coming Soon

Monster Hunter: World Free Title Update Coming Soon

Weapon Balances Update

These changes will come on March 22nd:

  • Great Sword: increased the dam­age for Charged Slash abilities.
  • Long Sword: improve­ments to Fore­sight Slash input tim­ing and hit­box detection.
  • Sword & Shield: Round­slash dam­age increased and improved slinger usability
  • Dual Blades: adjust­ments to help main­tain Demon Gauge active
  • Ham­mer: adjust­ed the stun val­ues on charged attacks
  • Hunt­ing Horn: gen­er­al attack pow­er increase
  • Lance: Counter-thrust adjust­ment to increase ease of use
  • Gun­lance: Reduced sharp­ness loss for shelling, and made some attack pow­er increases
  • Switch Axe: Zero Sum Dis­charge adjust­ments to increase ease of use
  • Charge Blade: bal­ance adjust­ments to Impact Phial and Pow­er Ele­ment Phial
  • Insect Glaive: improve­ments to extract attack pow­er increase and extract effect length
  • Bow: fixed var­i­ous bugs
  • Light Bow­gun: no adjust­ments were made
  • Heavy Bow­gun: no adjust­ments were made
Additional Game System Changes & Character Edit Voucher

Cap­com has heard play­er feed­back and are giv­ing every­one anoth­er chance to edit their in-game char­ac­ter again. You can grab the free vouch­er on the PlaySta­tion Store and Xbox Store, and is a one time use. 


  • Hunter gen­der
  • Hunter phys­i­cal appear­ance (skin tone, fea­tures, etc.)
  • Hunter cos­met­ic appear­ance (hair­style, face­paint, etc.). Note you can already do these at any time


  • Hunter name
  • Pal­i­co name
  • Pal­i­co appearance

Cap­com also stat­ed there will soon be an option to pur­chase edit vouchers.

Other Fixes
  • Attacks from allies no longer inter­rupt you dur­ing the carv­ing ani­ma­tion. Addi­tion­al­ly, play­ers are now immune to all hit reac­tions, includ­ing bombs, dur­ing carv­ing ani­ma­tions after quest completion.
  • Added “Return to Gath­er­ing Hub” (sin­gle play­er) and “Dis­band & Return to Gath­er­ing Hub” (mul­ti­play­er) to the options for “Select Return Des­ti­na­tion” after a quest has been completed.
  • Added the “Text Size” set­ting for chang­ing sub­ti­tle text size, under Start Menu > Options Game Settings.

A more detailed ver­sion of the upcom­ing patch notes will be avail­able when the update launches. 

Source: Cap­com

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