Cap­com’s Mon­ster Hunters Rise sold 4 mil­lion copies in its first three days of launch, and it has now climbed to 5 mil­lion sales since March 26th.

Cap­com did clar­i­fy that Rise shipped 5 mil­lion copies, not sold that many. How­ev­er, it’s still a big num­ber a speaks to suc­cess and appeal of the fran­chise. Mon­ster Hunter games had shipped 66 mil­lion units as of Decem­ber 31st, 2020, Cap­com said. With these new sales fig­ures, that num­ber is pushed close to 71 million.

The Mon­ster Hunter series debuted in 2004 and has been a mas­sive suc­cess since then. It was once only pop­u­lar in Japan, but is now expand­ing west­ward and find­ing a new audi­ence. Before Rise, Mon­ster Hunter World reached some huge sales num­bers because of this glob­al appeal. 

Cap­com is plan­ning to release Mon­ster Hunter Sto­ries 2: Wings of Ruin for Switch and PC on July 9th, 2021–which can be “linked” Rise–and will be releas­ing Mon­ster Hunter Rise for PC in ear­ly 2022.