Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight Launches March 16th On PS4

Momodo­ra: Rever­ie Under the Moon­light will be com­ing to PS4 on March 16th.

Devel­op­er Bomb­ser­vice describes the game as “a side-scrolling plat­former focused on action game­play” with melee com­bos, dodge mechan­ics, items and spells.  The game is often com­pared to Castl­e­va­nia, Dark Souls and Mega­man by fans due to its sim­i­lar game mechan­ics and sto­ry­telling devices.  Despite the com­par­i­son to Dark Souls, the game does have mul­ti­ple dif­fi­cul­ty modes for those who want an eas­i­er or more chal­leng­ing experience.

Momodo­ra: Rever­ie Under the Moon­light will be the fourth install­ment in the Momodo­ra series how­ev­er the game is a pre­quel. The sto­ry in this game will essen­tial­ly be the ori­gin sto­ry to the entire series so pre­vi­ous titles are not required to under­stand the story. 

This will also be the first time the series is on a con­sole, but all three pre­vi­ous games are on PC. The first and sec­ond games are host­ed on the devel­op­er’s web­site for any price you’re will­ing to pay. Momodo­ra III is both on Steam and Bomb­ser­vice’s web­site for $1.99.

Momodo­ra: Rever­ie Under the Moon­light is avail­able on Steam and launch­es for PS4 March 16th. 


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