Modern Warfare 2 Devs Explain The Santa Sena Border Crossing Map: “There’s A Balance”

There are many Call of Duty maps that are among the most hat­ed by its fans, but one from Mod­ern War­fare 2 has become so ridiculed it’s become a meme: San­ta Sena Bor­der Cross­ing. In a recent inter­view with Dex­er­to, mul­ti­play­er design direc­tor of Mod­ern War­fare II, Geoff Smith, explained the map was designed to have bal­ance between “expe­ri­en­tial maps” and com­pet­i­tive ones. He also pro­claimed the map was inspired in part by the move Sicario.

If you haven’t played the map, the rea­son it’s so unpop­u­lar is because of the cars (as seen above). Essen­tial­ly, the map is just a nar­row road that’s block­ad­ed with many cars, and if you’ve played Call of Duty before, they love to explode when hit with bul­lets and grenades. A car explo­sion is a one-hit kill, mak­ing for an extreme­ly chaot­ic map–especially for modes like Search and Destroy.

Map-wise, we try to have a bal­ance between expe­ri­en­tial maps and the more com­pet­i­tive maps,” Smith told Dex­er­to. “Not all of them are super sweaty, bal­anced ones. There’s ones where ‘hey, it’d be real­ly cool to fight over a bor­der cross­ing.’ And I know that map’s not super pop­u­lar in cer­tain groups, but we like to keep it fun and it’s real­ly neat to move through those cars, chan­nel­ing Sicario. So we try to keep it fun and switch it up, but there’s a balance.”

Smith lat­er stat­ed the team thought about remov­ing the car explo­sions from round-based modes because it got “real­ly old.” He also joked that the team isn’t out to “ruin peo­ple’s fun on every sin­gle map.”

In oth­er Call of Duty news, a recent report claims the next Call of Duty game will be Mod­ern War­fare 3, which may arrive this November.

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