Minecraft has been around for quite a while and is avail­able on pret­ty much every game con­sole, PC, smart­phone and toast­er out there, and soon all of them will have a patch avail­able to improve gameplay.

While not the biggest patch we have seen come to Minecraft, it does include some use­ful fix­es. The update is pret­ty much the same for all plat­forms, Here are the offi­cial patch notes for Xbox One but apply to all platforms.

Incase you don’t want to read through all the notes, here are the most recent changes:

Change log for Con­tent Update 38 — Jan­u­ary 27th 2017


  • Fix for Hors­es not jump­ing to the cor­rect height.
  • Re-enter­ing a tuto­r­i­al area while the play­ing the Tuto­r­i­al will reset the chests.
  • Fix for Slab blocks not block­ing light.
  • Fix for Chick­ens not drop­ping Cooked Chick­en when they die on fire.
  • Fix for Blazes not drop­ping Glow­stone Dust when they die.
  • Fixed the drop rate of Gold Nuggets.
  • Fix for Zom­bie Pig­men not drop­ping Gold Ingots when they die.
  • Fix for tamed Ocelots remain­ing hos­tile to any­thing they were attack­ing before being tamed.
  • Fix for crash when spawn­ing too many Shulkers.
  • Fix for Ender­man not tak­ing dam­age from rain while in a Boat.
  • Improve­ments to fram­er­ate when throw­ing a lot of Lin­ger­ing Potions.
  • Fix for With­er Skele­ton being able to walk through two block high spaces.
  • Minor changes to Bat­tle Mini Game maps to close off areas that should not be accessible.
  • Fix for light­ing issues when dig­ging down in spawn area.
  • Fix for rename Record los­ing its name after being in a Jukebox.
  • Added chance of Mel­on, Pump­kin, and Beet­root Seeds, and Jun­gle Saplings spawn­ing in the Bonus Chest.
  • Fix for a range of tooltips that would appear when the action was not available.
  • Fix for Mob Spawn­er error that occured after using a spawn egg to change what it should spawn.
  • Fix­es to End Gate­way generation.
  • Fix for End spawn loca­tion being in the wrong place.
  • Added a par­ti­cle effect and sound effect when a mob spawn­er fails to spawn due to spawn limits.
  • Fix for crash when plac­ing a Sign on top of Tall Grass.
  • Stop End Crys­tals explod­ing when “TNT Explodes” is disabled.
  • Fix for Hop­pers not col­lect­ing items above them.
  • Added new 11 achieve­ments for Survival.
  • Added new 7 achieve­ments for Tumble.

Looks like there are some pret­ty mean­ing­ful changes in there. Are you excit­ed to check out this lat­est minecraft update?