Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Shows It’s Loot Chests & Market

Post­ed on Warn­er Broth­ers com­mu­ni­ty page, Mono­lith (stu­dio behind Mid­dle-Earth) intro­duced Mid­dle-Earth: Shad­ow of War’s Mar­ket. It’s an in-game store where play­ers can pur­chase Loot Chests, War Chests, XP Boosts and Bun­dles. Play­ers can also acquire Orcs through the Mar­ket, which is now part of their Neme­sis Sys­tem. Mono­lith explained:

An impor­tant aspect of the Neme­sis Sys­tem now comes in forg­ing, cus­tomiz­ing and lead­ing your own army of unique Orc fol­low­ers against the fortress­es of Mor­dor. There are dif­fer­ent ways to do this, includ­ing dom­i­nat­ing Orcs by explor­ing the vast open-world and encoun­ter­ing them as part of Orc soci­ety, or play­ers can acquire Orcs and oth­er items through the Mar­ket (in-game store).”

Mono­lith detailed what micro­trans­ac­tions they would be includ­ing, with­out the price of course:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Shows It's Loot Chests & Market

  • Loot Chests con­tain Gear (weapons and armor) of vary­ing rar­i­ty. Equip­ping and upgrad­ing these weapons and armor enhance Talion’s char­ac­ter abil­i­ties. Loot Chests can also con­tain XP Boosts
  •  War Chests pro­vide Orc fol­low­ers of vary­ing rar­i­ty to help forge a strong army. They can also con­tain Train­ing Orders to lev­el up and cus­tomize Orc followers.
  • XP Boosts
  • Bun­dles pack­age up Loot Chests, War Chests and Boosts

They did explain that every­thing is pur­chasable with cur­ren­cy that you can earn in the game (Miri­an) or the pre­mi­um Gold cur­ren­cy that you can buy with real mon­ey. You can earn Miri­an by:

  • Defeat­ing Trea­sure Orcs
  • Destroy­ing Gear for Mirian
  • Destroy­ing Orc fol­low­ers for Gear (which can be destroyed for Mirian)
  • Find­ing Miri­an stash­es through­out the game

So no wor­ries, you will be able to get access to loot, buy­ing Gold just makes the progress through the game faster. They also men­tioned there are no unique items in the Mar­ket for pur­chase with Gold, just what was stat­ed ear­li­er. Also, prices of Gold cur­ren­cy will be giv­en at a “lat­er date”.

Source: Warn­er Brothers

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