Middle-earth: Shadow of War is Removing Microtransactions

Mono­lith, devel­op­ers of Shad­ow of War, announced big changes head­ing to their title. Among them, the biggest adjust­ment is the remov­ing of micro­trans­ac­tions from the game. There will be a series of free updates com­ing with­in the next few months. 

Mid­dle-earth: Shad­ow of War was released last fall, but despite play­er con­cern about the games micro­trans­ac­tions before release, it still launched with them. All Gold and War Chests will be removed from the game’s store. Mono­lith stat­ed that direct­ly pur­chas­ing Orcs, “reduces the immer­sion in the world and takes away from the chal­lenge of build­ing your per­son­al army and your fortresses.”

Mono­lith also admit­ted the pur­chas­es “in the Mar­ket is more imme­di­ate and pro­vides addi­tion­al play­er options, we have come to real­ize that pro­vid­ing this choice risked under­min­ing the heart of our game, the Neme­sis Sys­tem. It allows you to miss out on the awe­some play­er sto­ries you would have oth­er­wise cre­at­ed, and it com­pro­mis­es those same sto­ries even if you don’t buy anything.” 

Play­ers who cur­rent­ly have Gold will still be able to use it, for a spe­cif­ic amount of time, and any Gold left over will be con­vert­ed to in-game items. You can still pur­chase Gold from now until May 8th. How­ev­er, per­ma­nent removal of Gold, War Chests, and the Mar­ket, will hap­pen on July 17th. 

Along with the removal of micro­trans­ac­tions, the devel­op­ment team is also updat­ing the Shad­ow of War sec­tion of the game (where play­ers defend their fortress­es against Sauron’s repeat­ed counter-attacks). It will be improved with new nar­ra­tive ele­ments which will stream­line the experience. 

Source: Mono­lith

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