Par­tial­ly due to its acqui­si­tion of ZeniMax/Bethesda and the efforts it’s made to build up inter­nal devel­op­ment through buy­outs of oth­er stu­dios, Microsoft now has 23 inter­nal game developers.

This mas­sive uptick in teams work­ing on Xbox games means Microsoft has a sur­pris­ing new goal. The com­pa­ny announced it wants to launch at least one new first-par­ty game on Xbox Game Pass every three months.

These games will be from a vari­ety of gen­res, includ­ing role-play­ing games, shoot­ers, strat­e­gy titles, and adven­ture games. Microsoft stat­ed the goal is make sure there is a “steady stream of com­pelling exclu­sive con­tent to explore.”

Of course, Microsoft has been crit­i­cized for not hav­ing enough first-par­ty games, but this appears to no longer be the case.

Now, not all the games that Microsoft has giv­en the green light too will come to the market–that’s just how the indus­try goes. But Xbox Game Stu­dios boss Matt Booty said he’s hap­py with the out­put com­ing from the Xbox Stu­dios going forward.

Games take up to four or five years to make, and the real­i­ty is that not every project we start will make it to launch,” he said. “But if you add all that up, that’s how we’ve got­ten to our state today, with two dozen stu­dios mak­ing games across a vari­ety of gen­res. And we know a thriv­ing enter­tain­ment ser­vice needs a con­sis­tent and excit­ing flow of new con­tent. So our port­fo­lio will con­tin­ue to grow as our ser­vice grows.”

We already know that Sony has a stag­ger­ing 25 new games in devel­op­ment, half of which are new IPs.

Microsoft­’s E3 2021 brief­ing is sched­uled for this Sun­day, June 13th, so it’s like­ly we’ll hear more about some of these titles there.