Microsoft has plants to roll out a pilot pro­gram as a way to help fans in the US get ahold of a new Xbox, despite the glob­al short­age of nec­es­sary semi­con­duc­tors that are mak­ing it hard­er to buy all sorts of technology.

The com­pa­ny announced what it’s call­ing the “Con­sole Pur­chase Pilot.” Any­one in the US who has signed up for the free Xbox Insid­ers pro­gram, can reg­is­ter for a chance to reserve an Xbox Series X|S console.

More details on how the pro­gram works are avail­able in the Xbox Insid­er hub on your Xbox One. Microsoft post­ed to Red­dit, say­ing they will invite a “sub­set” of Xbox Insid­ers on Xbox One to par­tic­i­pate in the pro­gram. The cho­sen par­tic­i­pants will find an invite for a “flight” called Xbox Series X|S Con­sole Pur­chase Pilot in their inbox.

You will receive this mes­sage only on an Xbox One con­sole, not PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox 360, or the inter­net. Those select­ed will be asked to choose which con­sole they are will­ing to buy, either the Xbox Series X or the Series S. If the pro­gram informs you the con­sole is avail­able, and you’re inter­est­ed, you’ll be asked to pay the con­sole’s full price. Peo­ple who pur­chase a Series X|S this way will also get “full retail sup­port,” as if you bought it from a store. It is also assumed that it includes Microsoft­’s warranty.

Microsoft will also send a sur­vey ask­ing for feed­back about the pilot.  “It is impor­tant to us to hear from peo­ple who have cho­sen to make a pur­chase, and from peo­ple who have cho­sen not to make this pur­chase,” they said.

The com­pa­ny did cau­tion users that space is “lim­it­ed,” and that “not all who reg­is­ter will be select­ed.” If you are, a mes­sage will show up in your inbox in a few days.

In oth­er news, Microsoft also released an update for the Xbox Series X|S which fixed the Quick Resume and imple­ment­ed a few oth­er improvements.