Microsoft Wants To Release Call Of Duty On The Nintendo Switch

Microsoft pres­i­dent Brad Smith has stat­ed that the com­pa­ny wants to put Call of Duty on the Nin­ten­do Switch, if the Activi­sion Bliz­zard acqui­si­tion is completed.

Speak­ing to CNBC, Smith reit­er­at­ed Microsoft­’s poten­tial pur­chase of Activi­sion Bliz­zard will not stop the com­pa­ny’s games from show­ing up on rival plat­forms. Microsoft recent­ly issued a state­ment that sug­gest­ed more Activi­sion Bliz­zard titles could head to the Switch, Smith clear­ly not­ed that this may include Call of Duty.

One of the things we’re being very clear about as we move for­ward with the reg­u­la­to­ry review of this acqui­si­tion is that great titles like Call of Duty from Activi­sion Bliz­zard today, will con­tin­ue to be avail­able on the Sony PlaySta­tion,” Smith stat­ed in the interview.

We’d like to bring it to Nin­ten­do devices. We’d like to bring the oth­er pop­u­lar titles that Activi­sion Bliz­zard has, and ensure that they con­tin­ue to be avail­able on PlaySta­tion, that they become avail­able on Nintendo.”

Smith went on to dis­cuss Minecraft and how allow­ing it to be mul­ti-plat­form, despite their acqui­si­tion of Mojang, it was proven suc­cess­ful. “The first acqui­si­tion made after Satya Nadel­la became CEO was of Minecraft,” he said. “That was back in Sep­tem­ber 2014. And what we’ve done with that acqui­si­tion, I think, is a clear indi­ca­tor of what we hope to do if we acquire Activi­sion Blizzard.”

Smith also released a blog post, talk­ing about Call of Duty’s release on PlaySta­tion’s con­soles after cur­rent deals run out. He also men­tioned there that Microsoft wants to con­tin­ue to sup­port Nin­ten­do con­soles as well.

The last Call of Duty game to be released on a Nin­ten­do con­sole was Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Wii U, which was released back in 2013.

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