Microsoft Suspending All “New Sales” In Russia

Microsoft will be ceas­ing all “new sales” of its prod­ucts and ser­vices in Rus­sia, the com­pa­ny con­firmed recent­ly. This action comes after Rus­si­a’s inva­sion of Ukraine, which has caused coun­tries like the Unit­ed States and mem­bers of the EU to impose heavy sanc­tions on Russia.

In a blog post released by Microsoft, pres­i­dent Brad Smith said that, like the rest of the world, Microsoft is hor­ri­fied by news com­ing out of Ukraine and the “unjus­ti­fied, unpro­voked and unlaw­ful inva­sion by Rus­sia.” Because of this, the com­pa­ny is work­ing close­ly with the gov­ern­ments of the Unit­ed States, Unit­ed King­dom, and mem­bers of the Euro­pean Union “in com­pli­ance with gov­ern­men­tal sanc­tions decisions.”

We believe we are most effec­tive in aid­ing Ukraine when we take con­crete steps in coor­di­na­tion with the deci­sions being made by these gov­ern­ments and we will take addi­tion­al steps as this sit­u­a­tion con­tin­ues to evolve,” Smith wrote.

Although new sales have stopped, Microsoft did not men­tion the sta­tus of ongo­ing ser­vices in the coun­try. It’s pos­si­ble ser­vices like Xbox Live, Win­dows Office, and Azure will con­tin­ue to func­tion as nor­mal in Rus­sia for the time being.

Smith went on the write about how Microsoft is aid­ing Ukraine on the cyber­se­cu­ri­ty front, help­ing defend the coun­try’s gov­ern­ment and infra­struc­ture to sur­vive Russ­ian cyberattacks.

Microsoft is not the only tech com­pa­ny to cease sales in Rus­sia. Apple announced it also stopped sales of its phys­i­cal prod­ucts in Rus­sia as well as impos­ing lim­i­ta­tions on Apple Pay, as well as remov­ing some Russ­ian news apps from the App Store out­side of Rus­sia. CD Pro­jekt, par­ent com­pa­ny of devel­op­er CD Pro­jekt Red, announced it would ceas­ing sales in Rus­sia and Belarus. EA has also stopped sales, includ­ing vir­tu­al cur­ren­cies, in both Rus­sia and Belarus. EA took it a step fur­ther and also removed Russ­ian teams from FIFA 22 and NHL 22. Nin­ten­do also halt­ed phys­i­cal sales in Rus­sia, but claimed it was due to a “logis­tics” issues.

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