Microsoft Makes A Promise To Fix Xbox Series X Controller Issues

It’s been close to two months since the launch of the Xbox Series X/ S, with no major issues. How­ev­er, it has­n’t exact­ly been per­fect for these next-gen con­soles. A por­tion of con­sole own­ers have report­ed issues with the con­troller los­ing sync, more specif­i­cal­ly, while they’re playing.

A spokesper­son for Microsoft has acknowl­edged the issue in a state­ment to The Verge, say­ing a fix is being worked on and will be deliv­ered in a future update. For now, Microsoft said it rec­om­mends mak­ing sure the con­troller is updat­ed. Microsoft­’s web­site has a step-by-step run­down on how to update the Xbox con­troller.

In oth­er Xbox con­troller news, Microsoft is fac­ing a class-action law­suit about stick “drift­ing” with old­er Xbox con­trollers. The com­pa­ny request­ed the law­suit goes into arbi­tra­tion rather than going to trial.

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