Microsoft Is Selling An Official Xbox Red Ring Of Death Poster

Xbox is well into its 20th anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tion, and although Microsoft has def­i­nite­ly high­light­ed the bright side of their past, but they’ve just recent­ly remind­ed peo­ple of their shady past.

Microsoft­’s lat­est list­ing on the Xbox Gear shop is a poster that focus­es on the Red Ring of Death, the infa­mous error dis­play that plagued the Xbox 360. This print is part of a sev­en-print series com­mem­o­rat­ing Pow­er On, the six-part doc­u­men­tary series that recent­ly debuted on YouTube.

Microsoft Is Selling An Official Xbox Red Ring Of Death Poster

For those who might be unaware, the Red Ring Of Death was basi­cal­ly a fatal error mes­sage that would dis­play on the front of the Xbox 360. Three of the four lights wold blink red instead of all four bars turn­ing green when pow­er­ing the con­sole on. This red dis­play indi­cat­ed a hard­ware mal­func­tion that would require the con­sole to be ser­viced or replaced. A 2009 study of con­sole fail­ures found that near­ly 25% of Xbox 360s saw these errors, com­pared to 10% of PlaySta­tion 3s and 2.7% of Nin­ten­do Wiis.

The Red Ring Of Death poster is avail­able at the Xbox Gear shop for $25.

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