Microsoft Is Planning To Fix The Xbox CMOS Situation

Microsoft cares about pre­serv­ing games and the Xbox con­soles their being played on

Axios gam­ing edi­tor Stephen Toti­lo says he had a con­ver­sa­tion with Xbox Boss Phil Spencer, where he said Microsoft is look­ing into any CMOS bat­tery issues on Xbox hard­ware. “The hard­ware team is hear­ing the mes­sage about our con­soles should allow for the ongo­ing rela­tion­ship between the play­er and the con­tent that they own. So like, we hear the mes­sage and the teams are look­ing at things,” says Spencer.

Of course, this was part of a big­ger con­ver­sa­tion around game preser­va­tion, with Spencer being a heavy sup­port­er of indus­try-wide emu­la­tion for old­er games. He added, “that seems like a great North Star for us as an industry.”

Ear­li­er this year, Sony announced it would be shut­ting down its PS3 and Vita dig­i­tal store­fronts, lead­ing to the ini­tial con­ver­sa­tions about CMOS bat­ter­ies. This bat­tery pow­ers a con­sole’s inter­nal clock, so when a game is start­ed, that clock ver­i­fies the date and time on a remote serv­er to make sure you can play that game.

The the­o­ry is that if the PlaySta­tion Net­work or Xbox Live was­n’t work­ing prop­er­ly (or was shut down), then your con­sole won’t be able to ver­i­fy those any games–making them unplayable. The CMOS bat­ter­ies for both the PS4 and PS5 no longer have have this issue thanks to some updates Sony released.

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