Microsoft Is Already Working On New Xbox Hardware

Even while fans are strug­gling to find a Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft is already look­ing ahead. The com­pa­ny announced that new Xbox hard­ware is cur­rent­ly in devel­op­ment, but don’t expect to see it for quite some time.

This is accord­ing to Liz Ham­ren, Microsoft­’s CVP of Gam­ing Expe­ri­ences and Plat­forms, who also stat­ed that cloud-based devel­op­ment would be essen­tial to the com­pa­ny in the future. “Cloud is key to our hard­ware and Game Pass roadmaps,” Har­men said, “but no one should think we’re slow­ing down on our core con­sole engi­neer­ing. In fact, we’re accel­er­at­ing it.”

We’re already hard at work on new hard­ware and plat­forms, some of which won’t come to light for years.”

It’s only been six months since the release of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, so the fact that Microsoft is already admit­ting to new hard­ware is sur­pris­ing. Until they are ready to reveal this new tech, Microsoft is going all-in on cloud-based and stream­ing services. 

With­in this same brief­ing, Phil Spencer made fans aware that Microsoft has plans to launch at least one new first-par­ty game every three months.

It’s like­ly we’ll see some of these titles in the upcom­ing Microsoft E3 2021 show on June 13th. We prob­a­bly won’t get any glimpses of this new hard­ware though, since a new con­sole launched such a short time ago.

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