The largest update for Microsoft Flight Sim­u­la­tor has been released and its dras­ti­cal­ly reduced the base game’s file size. Update is also brin­ing a num­ber of oth­er adjust­ments, but the most impor­tant one is the opti­miza­tion of the file size. Microsoft Flight Sim­u­la­tor was over 170 GB, but with this update was brought down to just 83 GB. That’s a reduc­tion of more than 50 percent.

Of course, devel­op­ers all over are try­ing to find ways to reduce the file size of games. As big name titles have increased fideli­ty and com­plex­i­ty, file sizes are bal­loon­ing as a result. Call of Duty: War­zone is one that’s been heav­i­ly crit­i­cized for hav­ing a mas­sive file size, and for con­sole play­ers with lim­it­ed space this is a no go.

This patch address­es plen­ty of bug fix­es and small changes, but also intro­duces high-res­o­lu­tion 3D pho­togram­me­try for Paris and Ams­ter­dam. Microsoft is plan­ning to have a joint Xbox show­case with Bethes­da on June 13th, which could include announce­ments for Flight Sim­u­la­tor. Or even a release date for the upcom­ing Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S ver­sions of the game. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Patch Notes


  • Some pack­ages in your com­mu­ni­ty fold­er may not have been updat­ed and, as a result, may have an unex­pect­ed impact on the title’s per­for­mance and behavior.
  • Please move your com­mu­ni­ty package(s) to anoth­er fold­er before relaunch­ing the title if you suf­fer from sta­bil­i­ty issues or long load­ing times.
  • We per­formed some opti­miza­tion for the ini­tial full down­load of the title so the base game is only 83GB instead of +170GB.


  • New AIRAC cycle 2105 has been implemented
  • FAA data has been imple­ment­ed to our nav­da­ta solution
  • Depar­ture gates are now saved in flight plan (.PLN) files
  • Fixed a crash and oth­er issues when select­ing a park­ing space as arrival and no set departure
  • Fixed some Live Air Traf­fic air­craft using the wrong model
  • Fixed an issue where some Live Air Traf­fic air­craft had bro­ken callsigns
  • Increased the den­si­ty of Live Air Traffic
  • Air­craft that are not on the ground but that have an alti­tude of zero will now appear at a default alti­tude of 5000m
  • Live traf­fic sta­bil­i­ty has been improved
  • ATC phrase­ol­o­gy improve­ments to FAA stan­dards (word­ing only)


  • Reduced weath­er data bandwidth
  • Improved pre­ci­sion of live snow coverage
  • Visu­al Effect Only” in assis­tance now does prop­er­ly deac­ti­vate oth­er weath­er effects
  • Visu­al Icing” has been renamed “Icing” in the dev­mode because it impacts the whole icing system
  • Icing” in Dev­Mode only changes visu­al effects if “Visu­al Effect Only” is activated
  • Ice con­stant decay is no longer ignored out­side of frost conditions
  • Accel­er­at­ed pitot icing mod­el while mak­ing it slow­er to defrost
  • Fixed pitot icing not scal­ing with the num­ber of instruments
  • Fixed over­speed con­troller vibra­tions not affect­ed by pitot icing
  • Decrease struc­tur­al icing rate by a fac­tor of 15 for severe icing (6 for moderate)



  • Added alti­tude inter­cep­tion for PITCH HOLD mode
  • Increased native induced drag amount and improved induced drag precision
  • Autopi­lot no longer flies toward a Way­point removed from the FlightPlan
  • Sim­Con­nect inject­ed traf­fic (VATSIM, IVAO) should now be dis­played in HTML/JS instru­ments that have traf­fic dis­plays as well as on the VFR Map
  • Fixed sim­var accel­er­a­tion not tak­ing impacts into account and return­ing wrong val­ues on ground
  • Writ­ing back cor­rect­ed accel­er­a­tion val­ues after impact res­o­lu­tions so that they are exact when pulled as a simvar
  • Flaps, stall, wing and fuse­lage updates of flight model
  • More cleanup of the flaps sys­tem. Sup­port mul­ti sys­tems with dif­fer­ent num­ber of lev­els and max angles
  • Increased thresh­old to avoid trim fight against ele­va­tor to 50% (cor­re­sponds to dis­con­nect threshold)
  • Changed ele­va­tor AP with trim to avoid fight­ing against user input when user input is >50% on elevator
  • Allow set­ting the emp­ty CG posi­tion out of limits
  • Fixed more audio not play­ing on large aircraft
  • Fixed Autothrot­tle some­times dis­abled by AI


  • Improved tools to tune prop drag on con­stant speed & tur­bo propellers
  • Removed fake and com­plete­ly wrong ITT sim­u­la­tion when prop is feath­ered or reverse
  • Fixed reverse thrust prob­lem with pro­peller (no sup­port of neg­a­tive beta & induced wind)
  • Added prop lever debug on engines debug page
  • Fixed torque increas­ing with alti­tude because of N1 / Cor­rect­ed N1 con­fu­sion in FSX tur­bo­prop code
  • Fixed crash bug when scrolling Daher TBM 9300 Flight Plan pag
  • Torque fine adjust­ment per POH for the Daher TBM 930
  • Updat­ed sta­bil­i­ty and iner­tia for the Daher TBM 930
  • Adjust­ed sea lev­el max torque on the Daher TBM 930
  • Tur­bine fine tun­ing: ITT, Torque, Per­for­mance, and Fuel Flow on the Daher TBM 930
  • Flight mod­el update for han­dling on the Daher TBM 930
  • Ground lev­el max torque and torque lim­iter set­ting updat­ed. 100% max with iner­tial sep­a­ra­tor; 112% max, lim­it­ed to 109% with­out iner­tial sep­a­ra­tor on the Daher TBM 930
  • Reduced effect of iner­tial sep­a­ra­tor from 25% TQ to 12% TQ for the Daher TBM 930
  • Tuned sta­bil­i­ty and iner­tia on the Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • Tweaked Idle RPM from 1030 to 1060RPM for the Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • Adjust­ed max sea lev­el torque on the Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • Tuned Beechcraft King Air 350i tur­bo­prop engine: ITT, Torque, Fuel Flow and oth­er minor changes
  • Added ITT debug to engine debug and added den­si­ty on fuel flow table for tur­bo­prop engines on the Beechcraft King Air 350i
  • Fine tuned fuel con­sump­tion per the POH at IDLE, 12000ft cruise and 18000ft cruise on the Cess­na 208 B Grand Car­a­van EX
  • Fixed ITT, Throt­tle to Torque Ratio, and Garmin col­or bands for ITT and TRQ on the Cess­na 208 B Grand Car­a­van EX
  • Pass on sta­bil­i­ty and iner­tia on the Cess­na 208 B Grand Car­a­van EX
  • Fine tuned Fuel Flow per alti­tude and adjust­ed sea lev­el max torque on the Cess­na 208 B Grand Car­a­van EX
  • Tur­bine Torque fine tuned per POH on the Cess­na 208 B Grand Car­a­van EX
  • Con­trol sur­faces & han­dling improve­ments on the Cess­na 208 B Grand Car­a­van EX
  • Prop lever of the Cess­na 208 B Grand Car­a­van EX can now be set in feath­er­ing range


  • Weath­er radar now dis­plays pre­cip­i­ta­tion instead of cloud coverage
  • Fixed con­trail behav­ior on player’s air­craft dur­ing windy conditions
  • Con­trails are now dis­played for applic­a­ble AI traf­fic planes
  • Reduced rud­der author­i­ty based on the Cess­na 152
  • Sta­bil­i­ty and iner­tia pass on Cess­na 172 Sky­hawk and Cess­na 152
  • Flight mod­el han­dling update for the Cess­na 152
  • Fixed Cess­na 152’s rear wheels not touch­ing ground
  • Pass on engine pow­er & pro­peller drag. Fine tuned max speed, cruise speed, climb speeds, glide speeds and oth­er minor tweaks on the Cess­na 172 Skyhawk
  • Flight mod­el tun­ing of Cess­na 172 Sky­hawk (han­dling, induced yaw, roll and stall)
  • Fixed water on win­dows and tail col­or on LOD5 for the Boe­ing 787–10 Dreamliner
  • EICAS now dis­plays “CLB” instead of “CL” when the thrust levers are set to CL in the A320
  • Fixed an issue which pre­vent­ed copi­lot from auto­com­plet­ing the Secur­ing Air­craft page on the Dia­mond DA40 TDI
  • Improved pro­peller drag and engine drag tun­ing for the Dia­mond DA62
  • Flight mod­el han­dling update on the Dia­mond DA62. Made engine effect more impor­tant by adjust­ing rud­der surfaces
  • Increased rud­der sta­bil­i­ty slight­ly and fixed engine stall in air at low speeds on the EXTRA 330LT
  • Added a notch more dihe­dral to increase induced roll a lit­tle on the EXTRA 330LT
  • Fuel Pres­sure gauges now dis­play cor­rect lev­els of pres­sure on the EXTRA 330LT
  • Fine tune on the 103Solo Engine and imple­men­ta­tion of engine clutch below 2100 RPM
  • Fixed FS Liv­ery on Cess­na Cita­tion Lon­gi­tude dis­ap­pear­ing too ear­ly on LOD6
  • Cor­rect­ed Pip­istrel Virus SW121 flaps ani­ma­tion which would not prop­er­ly play for neg­a­tive flaps values
  • G3000 : Map zoom lev­el is now kept con­stant between Reg­u­lar and Weath­er map
  • G1000 : Air­spaces are redrawn uppon change in map orientation
  • G3000 : Fix PFD dis­play error when a Direct­To is requested
  • Fixed air­craft spawn­ing with glass­cock­pits turned off randomly
  • Fixed Flight­Plan dis­play­ing passed way­points when can­cel­ing a DirectTo
  • Fixed Flight­Plan guid­ance not re-engag­ing prop­er­ly when Direct­To is can­celed or reached
  • Fixed G3000 and G3X MFD Top­Bar dis­play­ing True Bear­ing instead of Magnetic
  • Fixed over­speed strip being too low on air­speed tape
  • Fixed bug where the flight­plan was not dis­played prop­er­ly if the flight was start­ed direct­ly on approach
  • Fixed VFRMap not updat­ing approach accord­ing to FlightPlan
  • Tac­tile glass­cock­pits scroll­bars are big­ger and can be inter­act­ed with more easily
  • Fixed Flight­Plan guid­ance not re-engag­ing prop­er­ly when Direct­To is can­celed or reached


  • Fixed reset­ting posi­tion periph­er­al input posi­tion when user exits the pause menu
  • Fixed the unre­spon­sive spe­cif­ic axis on Hon­ey­comb Bra­vo Throttle
  • Fixed default map­ping for the CH Eclipse Yoke
  • Fixed default map­ping for the CH Fight­er Stick
  • Fixed default map­ping for the CH Flight Sim Yoke
  • Fixed default map­ping for the CH Fight­er Stick Pro
  • Fixed default map­ping for the CH Pro Pedals
  • Fixed default map­ping for the CH Pro Throttle
  • Fixed default map­ping for the CH Throt­tle Quadrant


  • Com­mu­ni­ty Fold­er Addons will now show up as Installed in the Con­tent manager



  • Coher­ent GT’s debug­ger is now includ­ed in the SDK
  • Speed restric­tions and RF cen­ter fix infor­ma­tion is now avail­able on air­port facil­i­ty pro­ce­dure data via the JS facil­i­ty listener
  • JS facil­i­ty lis­ten­er LOAD_* calls now return bool to indi­cate whether or not an ICAO can be loaded
  • Facilities.getMagVar added when JS facil­i­ty lis­ten­er is loaded which allows one to get the mag var for a giv­en LatLongAlt
  • Max­i­mum num­ber of JS BingMap views increased from 5 to 9
  • Abil­i­ty to inter­cept and mask key events has been added to the JS key event listene
  • Pre­vent­ing the game from crash­ing if too many vir­tu­al net­bing maps were created
  • Fixed the instal­la­tion of 3DS Max tools
  • Fixed the font dis­played in the release notes window


  • Cre­ation of an Xbox X|S ded­i­cat­ed page in the doc­u­men­ta­tion, which gath­ers the lat­est info & best prac­tices to port con­tent on Xbox.
  • Visu­al Effects doc­u­men­ta­tion has been added along with a sam­ple. A video tuto­r­i­al will be added soon.
  • Major updates were made to The Project Edi­tor section:
  • Updat­ed main page with more information
  • New sec­tion for Project Asset Types (WIP)
  • New sec­tion for the var­i­ous project edi­tor menus: Project, Edit, View
  • Updat­ed Mar­ket­place Data page
  • Updat­ed Export Win­dow page
  • Con­tent Con­fig­u­ra­tion now has a sec­tion ded­i­cat­ed to Flights And Missions:
  • Ini­tial doc­u­men­ta­tion for Flight Plan Definitions
  • Ini­tial doc­u­men­ta­tion for Flight Definitions
  • Ini­tial doc­u­men­ta­tion for Event Trig­ger Definitions
  • Ini­tial doc­u­men­ta­tion for Weath­er Definitions
  • A page has been added doc­u­ment­ing the new SimOb­ject Stats window.
  • A page with sam­ples to illus­trate mod­el opti­miza­tion has been added specif­i­cal­ly for the Xbox, although the sam­ples shown are rel­e­vant to every­one cre­at­ing add-ons.
  • A page has been added for Sub­mod­el Merg­ing in the 3D Mod­els section.
  • The Air­port Tuto­r­i­al has been updat­ed to show the Air­port Wiz­ard for Cre­at­ing Or Replac­ing An Airport
  • Page on Air­craft Tex­ture Map­ping now has a sec­tion describ­ing how to set up Ice
  • Page on the Pack­age Tool XML Def­i­n­i­tions has been updat­ed with more information.
  • Page on the DA62 sam­ple added to the Sam­ples And Tuto­ri­als section
  • New engines.cfg and flight_model.cfg set­ting documented


  • Renamed pack­age inspec­tor “+” but­ton into “Add asset group”
  • In the Mar­ket­place Data Edi­tor, fixed a crash when load­ing emp­ty thumbnail
  • Fixed sim­var index being lost when load­ing a file
  • Dis­abled a false pos­i­tive error mes­sage box that appeared ran­dom­ly when build­ing air­craft packages


  • Fixed a crash when edit­ing run­way ter­raform­ing profile
  • Fixed ‘‘’ char being fil­tered in taxi­way sign con­tent text entry.
  • Fixed the “add cus­tom asset group” win­dow which wouldn’t close when cre­at­ing a new non-tem­plat­ed asset group
  • Fixed a crash when edit­ing run­way ter­raform­ing profile
  • Fixed the wind­socks with wrong orientation
  • Fixed infi­nite load­ing for light pre­sets with no mesh
  • Fixed issues with water polygons


  • Fixed a poten­tial crash when con­vert­ing old .air file.


  • The Visu­al Effects Edi­tor is now avail­able! You can now cre­ate your own effects. We pre­pared a video tuto­r­i­al and com­plete doc­u­men­ta­tion that can be found at!


  • Added elevator_lift_coef, rudder_lift_coef and fuselage_lateral_cx to give air­craft cre­ators bet­ter con­trol over plane stability


  • Added new Sim­Var “GEAR SKIDDING FACTOR


  • On Wwise Sam­ple Project: Fixed shared IR con­vo­lu­tion medias not loaded in remote
  • On Wwise Sam­ple Project: Added Built-in Emit­ter & Lis­ten­er cone game-parameters


  • You may crash when exit­ing VR mode. This issue is being inves­ti­gat­ed but we sus­pect OpenXR pre­view run­time (v106) may be involved. So if you expe­ri­ence this prob­lem, we rec­om­mend you revert to the offi­cial pub­lic run­time (v105).