Microsoft gave a peek at Microsoft Flight Sim­u­la­tor run­ning on an Xbox Series X dur­ing its Xbox and Bethes­da Show­case. This game was pre­vi­ous­ly only avail­able on the PC. The Xbox Series X ver­sion was cap­tured at 4K res­o­lu­tion and looks just as amaz­ing as its PC counterpart.

Com­mer­cial planes, small­er pro­peller planes, and bi-planes were shown in the trail­er, as well as sev­er­al nat­ur­al land­marks like col­or-rich islands and snow-cov­ered moun­tains. While a lot can be said about the lev­el of detail in the PC ver­sion, it’s unclear how well the con­soles will be able to main­tain that detail.

Microsoft Flight Sim­u­la­tor launch­es on Xbox Series X|S on July 27th, and will be includ­ed on Xbox Game Pass the same day. It’s unclear if the game is com­ing to Xbox One at all, or if it’s just arriv­ing at a lat­er time. The game’s high fideli­ty and sys­tem require­ments on PC would like­ly make it impos­si­ble to run on the old­er con­sole with­out mas­sive con­ces­sions. There are are over 2 mil­lion cities and 37,000 air­ports in the game, and an insane 1.5 bil­lion buildings.

A free Top Gun: Mav­er­ick tie-in expan­sion will be com­ing to Microsoft Flight Sim­u­la­tor in Fall 2021. You can pre­order and pre-install the game now.