Microsoft Flight Sim­u­la­tor 2020 has a new update avail­able now. It does­n’t bring any big, new shiny addi­tions to the flight sim but instead puts the focus on the air­craft and how they look and fly. FSX lega­cy liv­er­ies, which are now avail­able on appro­pri­ate planes. These planes include Ken­more, Emer­ald Gold, Glob­al Freight­ways, Orbit, Paci­fi­ca, and World Trav­el. Con­trails are now dis­played for the play­ers air­craft but mul­ti­play­er and AI planes are not sup­port­ed at this time. Check out the full patch notes below.


Some pack­ages in your com­mu­ni­ty fold­er may not have been updat­ed and, as a result, may have an unex­pect­ed impact on the title’s per­for­mance and behav­ior. Please move your com­mu­ni­ty package(s) to anoth­er fold­er before relaunch­ing the title if you suf­fer from sta­bil­i­ty issues or long load­ing times.


  • FSX lega­cy liv­er­ies avail­able on appro­pri­ate planes : Ken­more, Emer­ald Gold, Glob­al Freight­ways, Orbit, Paci­fi­ca and World Travel
  • Con­trails are now dis­played on the player’s air­craft (MP and AI are not sup­port­ed yet)
  • New cus­tomiza­tion menu in the World map to fur­ther adjust the air­craft to per­fect­ly match spe­cif­ic real world air­craft. The changes only affects the next flight and they are not persistent.
    • Emp­ty CG posi­tion: We can now have a dif­fer­ent emp­ty CG posi­tion, just like real world air­craft that all may have slight­ly dif­fer­ent emp­ty balance.
    • Wear: We can now increase the wear of the fuse­lage to get a slight­ly high­er par­a­sitic drag and sim­u­late old­er aircraft.
    • Con­trol sur­face lim­its: We can now adjust the max­i­mum angle lim­its for ele­va­tor, rud­der and aileron con­trol sur­faces to sim­u­late the slight dif­fer­ence that may exist between dif­fer­ent real air­craft. Check Type Cer­tifi­cate Data Sheet (TCDS) Infor­ma­tion for real world air­craft con­trol sur­face angle lim­it vari­a­tion tolerance.


  • Fixed var­i­ous crash­es across the title
  • Fixed a spe­cif­ic crash while using the man­u­al cache


  • Lat­est AIRAC cycle has been inte­grat­ed and is now available



  • Cor­rect­ed an issue which pre­vent­ed the VS Wheel from work­ing in FLC mode on the Cess­na Cita­tion Longitude
  • Dis­abled the autopi­lot which was incor­rect­ly set as avail­able on the JMB VL‑3
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue pre­vent­ing the use of the VS Wheel to con­trol the pitch on some planes
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue with the VS Knob not prop­er­ly respond­ing to com­mands on the Air­bus A320neo
  • Pre­vent­ed the autopi­lot from being pol­lut­ed by incor­rect data when exit­ing slew mode
  • VOR/ADF Fea­ture implemented
  • VOR/ADF – Air­bus A320neo FMA Adaptability
  • Fixed Gen­er­al Avi­a­tion planes dis­play­ing FMS instead of GPS
  • G3000 – Fixed Flight­Phase & Nav­Source dis­play not show­ing properly
  • Fix roll hold mode behav­ing like wing leveler
  • Remov­ing auto align­ment of local­iz­ers with the run­way when the head­ing giv­en by the local­iz­er and the head­ing of the run­way are too different
  • Add TRK/FPA fea­tures to Air­bus A320neo
  • Boe­ing 747–8 Inter­con­ti­nen­tal : LNAV and VNAV does no longer engage auto­mat­i­cal­ly when acti­vat­ing the Autopilot.


  • Boe­ing 787–10 Dream­lin­er – Enhanced HUD Projection
  • Air­lin­ers – Speed Trend arrow is now more reac­tive and accurate
  • Fixed some bear­ings indi­cat­ed out­side of the 0–360 range in Garmin instruments
  • Fixed a bug in GNS430 and GNS530 where the cur­sor did no auto­mat­i­cal­ly jump to “Acti­vate” in Direct-to page on val­i­da­tion of the entered ident when there is no ident duplicate
  • Added air­port ident and ILS run­way name in GNS530 when tun­ing nav radio to a localizer
  • Fixed flight direc­tor roll not work­ing when autopi­lot is not activated
  • Added wind dis­play in G3X Touch in PFD or Split­ted mode
  • Added pos­si­bil­i­ty to adjust bright­ness lev­el in G3X Touch
  • Added pos­si­bil­i­ty to adjust bright­ness lev­el in G3000
  • Fixed issue in FLT files that lead to flight plan not being loaded in instruments
  • Fix­ing the dis­play of LDA approach­es which were wrong­ly aligned to the run­way at the end of their path


  • Fixed Beechcraft Baron G58 incor­rect­ly hav­ing automix­ture enabled
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue caus­ing the AutoStart sequence of the Boe­ing 747–8 Inter­con­ti­nen­tal to acti­vate the bat­ter­ies lat­er than expected
  • Re-enabled the STARTERX SET keys which used to throw an error and tog­gle the starter. They now cor­rect­ly set the starter to ON or OFF
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue caus­ing the starter to affect the plane’s rpm exces­sive­ly when the piston_power_scalar of the plane is >1
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue which would pre­vent the engine from ever shut­ting down while in unlim­it­ed fuel mode.
  • Beechcraft Baron G58 engines adjustment
  • Beechcraft Bonan­za G36 engine idle RPM adjustment


  • Cor­rect­ed a num­ber of minor XML errors
  • Improved the behav­ior of knobs that repeat­ed­ly send an action to pre­vent it from send­ing mul­ti­ple events at once
  • Cor­rect­ed the fact that the Avion­ics switch of the Pip­istrel Virus SW121 was off when start­ing in cruise
  • Enabled the THRT Knob on the ATC Pan­el of the Air­bus A320neo
  • Enabled the option to push the back­up baro knob of the Boe­ing 747–8 Inter­con­ti­nen­tal to set it in Stan­dard Alti­tude mode
  • Made the copilot’s HUD inter­actable on the Boe­ing 787–10 Dreamliner
  • Enabled the clock’s but­tons on the Boe­ing 787–10 Dreamliner
  • JMB VL‑3 Pro­peller Instru­ment Fix
  • Fixed Mouse Events not han­dled cor­rect­ly on Tac­tile Screens
  • AS3X Touch – Removed com active ident display
  • Cess­na Cita­tion CJ4 – Fixed default VT Speed
  • Boe­ing 787–10 Dream­lin­er – Fixed ND inter­ac­tion Model
  • Fixed the “COM RECEIVE ALL” sim­var always return­ing false on planes with­out a con­fig­ured COM 3, lead­ing to prob­lems with some third par­ty content
  • Beechcraft King Air 350i – Baro knobs have been added


  • Cor­rect­ed Flap­er­on ani­ma­tion on Boe­ing 787–10 Dream­lin­er which was incor­rect in the air.
  • Cor­rect­ed an issue pre­vent­ing the auto­brakes of the Air­bus A320neo from enabling on the Fun­gal mission.
  • Fixed Beechcraft Baron G58 inop­er­a­tive rud­der trim


  • Cor­rect­ed some emis­sive ele­ments stay­ing active when they should be off on the Boe­ing 787–10 Dreamliner.
  • Cor­rect­ed some emis­sive ele­ments stay­ing active when they should be off on the Boe­ing 747–8 Intercontinental.
  • Cor­rect­ed some emis­sive ele­ments stay­ing active when they should be off on the Air­bus A320neo.


  • Mix­ture: Lean for Alti­tude” check­point can now be auto com­plet­ed with­out issues
  • Added a Brake Release check­point to the Avi­at Pitts Spe­cial S2S checklist
  • The Check­list entry “Mix­ture : Rich below 3000 feet” is now cor­rect­ly dis­played as such instead of “300 feet”
  • Engine should now start with­out strug­gle and auto com­ple­tion of the “Start­ing pro­ce­dure” on the Avi­at Pitts Spe­cial S2S should now work
  • Cor­rect­ed issue on the Cess­na 172 Skyhawk’s check­list which pre­vent­ed the copi­lot from cor­rect­ly exe­cut­ing the “Set Transpon­der to Alt” step
  • Cor­rect­ed Issue on pis­ton planes check­lists which pre­vent the steps relat­ing to set­ting the right mix­ture from cor­rect­ly executing
  • Cor­rect­ed issue on the Beechcraft Baron G58 which caused the copi­lot to not keep the starter active long enough to reach a com­bus­tion when auto-com­plet­ing the checklist
  • Cor­rect­ed issue on the Boe­ing 747–8 Intercontinental’s check­list which caused the step to acti­vate all fuel pumps to not prop­er­ly val­i­date on some airports


  • Exter­nal HUD – Fixed AP Ref speed/altitude not always displayed
  • 3rd View HUD – Fixed HSI not show­ing approach course if approach is armed
  • 3rd View HUD – Fixed Trim & Flaps display
  • Fixed crash when using a plane with an incor­rect­ly set­up FuelSystem.
  • Fuel pres­sure gauges should now dis­play cor­rect pres­sure lev­el indications
  • Fix crash when tele­port­ing to approach
  • Fixed exter­nal HUD not updat­ing at cor­rect framerate


  • A ‘No bind­ing’ icon is dis­played when no con­trol is assigned to a VR action
  • If there are no con­trols assigned to the cam­era re-cen­ter, then the play­er can­not switch to VR and they are asked to assign a com­mand to this action
  • Play­ers can now access to the con­trols menu direct­ly from the VR Mode page
  • HOTAS are now spec­i­fied in the VR bind­ings (VR Mode page)
  • VR is now func­tion­al when HDR is enabled
  • The pan­el reset fea­ture is now func­tion­al in VR
  • A dark back­ground is dis­played when open­ing a menu in the cockpit
  • When a tool­bar menu is opaque, it will now hide prop­er­ly menus that are posi­tioned behind it
  • Labels are now prop­er­ly dis­played in the VFR map
  • Var­i­ous fix­es on the tool­bar and the pan­els display
  • The mouse cur­sor is now prop­er­ly posi­tioned in VR on the Cub Crafter X Cub instru­ment panel
  • Cock­pit han­dles should not tele­port any­more when clicked and dragged
  • It is now pos­si­ble to switch the throt­tle to Cut­Off posi­tion in the Daher TBM 930
  • The Flap con­trol in the Cess­na 172 Sky­hawk G1000 doesn’t return to ful­ly retract­ed posi­tion when inter­act­ing with it with the mouse


  • In case there is an ASOS/ATIS and Center/Departure/Approach agent on the same fre­quen­cy in the same area, the ATIS/ASOS will not air its mes­sage if the play­er has been hand­ed off to the Center/Departure/Approach agent to pre­vent the ATC flow from being stuck
  • Add lead­ing zero for run­way num­bers in ATC com­mu­ni­ca­tions when necessary
  • Fix ATC agent pro­nounc­ing let­ter by let­ter air­ports names dur­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the player
  • Fix ATC agent attribut­ing cruise alti­tude instead of prop­er approach alti­tude when the first way­point of the approach do not hold alti­tude information


  • Wind pan­el UI update for wind and gusts settings


  • Prop­er­ly set run­way when set­ting approach in the World Map
  • Chang­ing behav­ior of Pre­ci­sion Mark­ing field in Scenery Edi­tor to allow for the mark­ing to be dis­played in case of short runways
  • Dis­play­ing all way­points from data on the World Map and chang­ing zoom scores to com­pen­sate for the amount of new points
  • Fix­ing behav­ior of World Map which was attribut­ing closed run­way over opened run­way under cer­tain conditions


  • Fix out­line against clouds and object in game intro­duced in the pre­vi­ous update
  • Lights should no longer be too dark under moun­tain shad­ow with low qual­i­ty setting
  • Taxi sign lights size has been tweaked



  • Revamped doc­u­men­ta­tion web­site now live on
  • Added Sam­ple for AirtportServices
  • The left gauge in the Mouse­Air­craft sam­ple has been reworked to pro­vide clear­er information.


  • Trimmed lead­ing spaces in pack­age title
  • Fixed a bug that would not update the Scene list when adding an object while hav­ing no object selected
  • Fixed an issue to avoid unwant­ed air­port modification
  • Fixed a crash when hid­ing all Taxi­way­Points of an Airport


  • Fixed GDI+ String­For­mat con­ver­sion to NanoVG alignment
  • Fixed poten­tial vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties in the WASI layer
  • Tweaked our sys­tem to avoid ham­per­ing mod­ule debug­ging with recur­ring exceptions.


  • Load and Save Flight using the FlowFlightManager.


  • Throt­tle map­ping reversed for the Thrust­mas­ter HOTAS Warthog
  • Beechcraft King Air 350i does not change pitch with VS wheel when Autopi­lot is enabled
  • in rare occa­sions, Air­craft screens might not ini­tial­ize cor­rect­ly upon load­ing a flight. Please restart the flight to fix the issue.
  • The plane con­tin­u­al­ly los­es alti­tude caus­ing it to crash after load­ing into the Atti­tudes & Instru­ments Train­ing Flight

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is available now for the PC with the Xbox Series X/S version coming later this year.